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When I came home I found two packages on my doormat. One contained a CD from The Royal Hounds, which I will review here. The package didn’t contain only the cd, but also a nice letter was in there. I will tell something about the band. The Royal Hounds are from Knoxville, Tennessee, state of the king and base for the roots of rockabilly. Scotty Hinds is the leadsinger and standupbass, accompanied with Scott “Bramble” Billingsley(drums) and Brian Lee(guitar).

The Band

The Band

The Royal Hounds bijlage 2

The Albumcover

There are multiple genres on this album.  Track one, Hillbilly Swing, contains a hillbilly intro but soon turns to the swing side of the title. Now I mention it, almost every song on this album has a swing side, or swing edge, or something swing beat in them. Some songs even sound like the songs from the bigband era. Which I like, I can’t lie 😛

Track 3, the title track, has a intro like old cowboy films, but after that it gets the rhythm from the bongo and returns to swing. Also, funny lyrics 😀 Track  7(The Finger)  is really like old-school country with hilarious lyrics, while their cover of Black Slacks is a sort of neo/psycho Billy version of the original from Joe Bennet.  Track 8, 2431 Highway 11, is real rockabilly for greasers, about crimeThe Royal Hounds bijlage 2 on the highway! Track 12 (Red Hot) is of course a cover of the rockabilly favorite from Billy Lee Riley, which is, like the original, a very up-tempo song.

As you can read some diversity there. I don’t mind, it sounds fantastic 😀 The swing-influence is well-appreciated! But the other influence also are very welcome, the combination is is rockin’! When the album comes out on May 23rd, you have to get your own copy, and just dance,bop,jive and swing around the room! The Royal Hounds bijlage 2

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