Lipstick on your Vinyl?

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It was the last weekend of my vacation, and I just had my last dance lesson on Friday. And i thought that there was nothing to do, nowhere to go for a rockabilly party. But i heard through the grapevine that there was a boppin’ party going on in dB’s in Utrecht. So I looked it up. On the website I read that it was called “Boppin’ The Rock”, which is organized once in a few weeks. 3 Bands were playing that night. This time it was The Buckshots from Belgium, The Slapback Johnny’s from The Netherlands and The Whiskey Daredevils from the USA. And I found out some of my friends were going also, so I decided it was best to go too 😉

The flyer

The flyer

It was pretty much next to the station, but the door was on the other side. When i walked in I didn’t know where to go, I’ve never been here before. So i walked straight to the bar 😛 After waiting 20 minutes or so, the doors opened to see the band. The Buckshots were first up.  They looked like a country/Rockabillyband, with a lovely female vocalist. After one song, my friends cam dripping in, one by one. They’ve been to dB’s before to see JD Mcpherson.

I think The Buckshots played real good, I enjoyed them! In the break we all went to the bar to have a drink and talk. Then it was time for The Slapback Johnny’s. They looked kinda psycho for a rockabilly bop, so I was curious. I also saw a keyboard on stage, didn’t saw that one coming!

The band played loud and good, they got the audience over the line between psycho and Rockabilly. After the follow-up break, it was time for the leading act from America: The Whiskey Daredevils! Dressed in country-clothes, including cowboy-hats, they stood on stage. A good-looking women(later I got her name: Sugar!) was playing electric bass. They blew me away, with songs like “I never saw Johnny Cash”, “Skulls” and a uptempo cover of Link Wray’s “Run Chicken Run”!

whiskey_daredevils bijlage

The LP with autographs and kiss 😉

So when they stopped, i thought “Let’s buy a LP from this fella’s”. So I did, and i’ve let them sign it. I even let Sugar kiss the cover 😉 We talked for a while, she told me she rather plays upright bass, because she’s better at it and it’s more fun. She showed me the touring schedule, because she saw me rocking out so enthusiastic. I told her I was a student and didn’t have the money to follow them around Germany and Belgium, but i did want to see them again. We jived a little on the spinning vinyl that was playing, and then they had to pack and leave for their next performance. I stayed for a while, jived and bopped, but eventually every party has to end 🙁

It was yet another great night, with friends and good bands! Good day, fellow Rockers, teds and pinups!

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