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My name is Bonnie B., and I am a Pin Up enthusiast who’s new to the modeling world, but not to Pin Up culture! I have been drawing all of my life (like most artists), but my very first drawing copies were from my mother’s Alberto Vargas Pin Up book. (My mother was a portrait artist, and trained me how to draw using Vargas’s drawings as my masterpiece copies.) I have a B.F.A. in Sequential Art (comic book art and storyboarding for film), and am also a writer. Last year I became a certified Theta Healer over in Scotland (A very intensive form of intuitive counseling), and have a few clients, and have started to teach meditation. I was a professional pastel portrait artist and trainer for 10 years, and have worked in over 7 different amusement parks, (Disneyland was one of them, and my favorite part was seeing the night staff come out at clean and organize the grounds). I live in Savannah, Georgia, in the U.S.A, and am the happy caretaker of two rabbits named Cinnamon and Tux. I have somewhere near 14 big tattoos, 4 of which are memorial pieces for both my late parents, and my two favorite rabbits who passed on over a year ago. I am serious retro culture geek (I grew up on Hitchcock, Wilder, Hawks and a lot of other directors’ works), and am also somewhat of a Rat Pack aficionado too. (I became slightly obsessed with Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter and Joey when I was in high school, and even painted portraits of all five of them). I am also an avid Quantum Physics researcher, mostly due to the fact that I am writing/illustrating a deeply metaphysical novel, and lastly, I am a tap dancer, (14 years now).

The photographer’s name is Megan Jones, and her studio is entitled, “It’s Megan Jones Photography”.

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