Swing ‘n Rock clothing: work hard and follow dreams

Posted by Dee-Ann On February - 6 - 20133,768 views

It’s not the fifties nor the forties… at the French Swing ‘n Rock clothing shop it is all about the twenties era. I asked Herve about their interest in selling twenties inspired clothes.

WPUBLLROVEG2FINALe are a couple fascinated by the clothes of the 20th mid era. The way that the pictures and the films or documentary inspired us and invited us to follow this dream. On the begining as every body, our knowledge were low, but after few years, we found our goal, propose to the french rockabilly and swing dancers some clothing products which were very difficult to find or never saw in our country. Lily’s Rock was the first to propose the Betty Page clothing products, A2M tried to propose differents bowling shirts known or tee’s and work with the amazing Pike Brothers denim.

Now we are in negociations to propose woman clothes reporduction, and men’s clothes too. It’s the adventure of our life. We place all we have, our time our jobs our health too ’cause trust me it’s not an easy way but what a pleasure to see people happy and dressed in the way they desires.

This is our dream, be able to propose a large range of new products between swing and rock’n roll style, a wedding with these 2 fascinating and extraordinary way of dressed.
For now we reproduce the clothes with a stylist, only from pics ’cause the patterns are really hard to find, but we will have some products with patterns of this era. The clothes are manufacture in our little workshop in Paris, we aren’t taylor so we found a qualify company able to produce our ideas.
So if you want to follow our adventure feel free to take some news on our social network or directly on our website 😉
For example the first pants we are producing are a reproduction of an advertising, we have translated all on the description and followed it word for word 😉 the result is fine, a little change to do on the belt to have the “2 fingers” appear more, and changing the buttons for something more realistic. And it will be ready to be done ;).
It’s our Rock’n roll way of life, work hard and follow dreams.

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