Movie review: Cry Baby

Posted by Dee-Ann On April - 2 - 20134,486 views

cry babyJohn Waters, one of my favorite film directors. I watched his version of Hairspray (1988), Cry Baby (1990) and A Dirty Shame (2004).

Cry baby has a very interesting cast: Johnny Depp, Ricki Lake (before she lost a lot of weight), Iggy Pop (we all know Iggy don’t we?), Traci Lords (she became infamous for appearing in pornographic films as a minor). Although it’s another wild boy and square girl fall in love story, John Waters gives it his own twist, by creating over the top caracters, like Cry baby’s sister, Pepper, who is pregnant tough girl, as well as her friend ‘Hatchet-Face’, the ugliest girl in town. Those creatures against the pretty soft eyed square girl Allison, who’s supposed to date the rich and educated guys. But she is intrigued by the motorcyclist Cry Baby and his rough crew.

Her jealous boyfriend arranges a riot, during a party of Cry Baby’s grand parents, so he ends up in jail and Pepper’s children are taken away from her. Of course all ends well, but in the meantime you can enjoy the music.

Most songs are performed by James Intveld and the sweet voice of Rachel Sweet and written by Dave Alvin.

My favorite song: Please mr. Jailer. Original written by Wynona Carr, but performed by Rachel and James.

Great movie with a lovely soundtrack. I got both!

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