Vic Holveck: Rockabilly 1955 and 2010 – CD review

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Vic Holveck is a musician who was already well known back in the 50’s. He recorded his famous song “Bop Diddle-Widdle” in 1955 and therefore he was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in 2009. The Rockabilly Hall of Fame was created in March 1997 and the first certificate was presented to Sarah Craddock for her brother Gene Vincent.
Elvis Presley has been added almost 10 years later, because the Hall of Fame didn’t believe Graceland had the proper respect for their efforts!

Vic spent 15 years of his drumming career touring throughout the country with famous musicians as Jimmy Clanton and Charlie Prose.
He has been working as a drum teacher for over 32 years, the last 10 years at the Accent Music School of Contemporary Music. He teaches all styles including rock, jazz, bebop and classical drumming techniques.

He recently recorded a CD that features a remake of the famous song Bop Diddle-Widdle as well as a remastered bonus track of the original recording from 1955. The CD “Rockabilly 1955 and 2010” also includes 6 other 50’s style tunes:
1. Bop Diddle Widdle (2010)
2. Jump, Jive An’ Wail
3. Route 66
4. Caldonia
5. Rockin’ Till Midnight
6. Jim, Jam, Jumping Jive
7. Rip It Up
8. Bop Diddle Widdle (1955)

All of the songs are cheerful and swinging’, you’ll get in a happy mood for sure.
Besides Vic on drums and lead vocals, you can hear Mike Malatesta on piano, Nick Bucci on guitar, Jerry Kirk on bass, Joe Harris on sax (and back up vocals) and Michael Fiore also back up vocals.

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