Jacen Bruce: 2 Albums

Posted by Rocky On November - 13 - 20124,418 views

When I got home, I found a package waiting to get opened by me. When I opened it, I saw two cd’s with a visit-card. On the back there was a Thank You from Jacen Bruce.  The first album was titled The Sun Album, which got me curious. Of course it’s a big dream for Rockabilly/Rock and Roll-artists to perform in Sam Philips’ House Of Rock! Like many of you know, Sun holds a lot of big names from the rockabilly-history: Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee, Johnny Cash and so on.

When I inserted the cd, I heard that sweet sound of rockabilly through my speakers.  I heard some familiar songs like “Baby Lets Play House”, “Little Sister” and “Don’t be Cruel” (all Elvis songs, accidently :P). But not only The King gets the honor of getting covered, also Burnette’s “My One Desire” and Cochran’s “Twenty Flight Rock” get sang back to life again! And once again I could feel the country-influence! It’s a nice tribute to Rock and Roll.

The second cd is titled “The Siren”, and since the subtitle is “14 tracks of Fact and Fiction”, I’m guessing it refers to the Greek mythological creature that lured sailors into their dead with music. Ironic:P. Immediately I heard the slap-bass!  The second song with the albums name actually is about a girl that obsesses man, pretty funny!

I saw on the website that his hit “Johnny Cool Cat” was on the cd, so I had to hear it out. It’s a cool song, about johnny, the cool cat(duh:P). And maybe I heard a little wink to Brian Setzer, but maybe that’s just me J A little Doo-Wop sound on track 6  “Let Him Try”, which is always good. Then a lott of bass with the song “Slapbass”, a dedication of course!  For the complete track list, go to Http://www.jacenbruce.com/home.cfm!

Conclusion,I think lovers of country-rockabilly would really enjoy this artists discography, and i want to thank Jacen Bruce for letting me review his albums.

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