The Hellbound Hepcats – NO. 2

Posted by Rocky On October - 29 - 20124,288 views

For this review I was asked to review the new album from The Hellbound Hepcats. I never heard from them, but with the mail came a preview of “Play With Fire”, which is the first single from their new album. The song sounded good, so I was curious for the album. The album came in the same envelope as The Brains(see last review!). It also came with a nice poster!

So I inserted the cd in my computer, and the first song I heard was “Play With Fire”. That song is boss! But it didn’t stop there! I normally would describe the best songs, but this is just good Rockabilly. Rockabilly at his best, if you will. What i can do, is tell that you can clearly hear the country-influence in Rockabilly back in the album.

I will give you a playlist too: Play with fire(boss, as i said earlier!), Like Lightning(nice bass! but I can keep repeating that:), Cold Monday (Mondays are never fun, but because I wrote this on a monday, it was a little funny:), Underpants Dance, Crazy Little Baby, Getting Nowhere Fast (A Greasers motto!), Rockabilly Queen, That Lady (for the girl you will never forget!) And Hellbound Hepcat (Shows you its cool to be a Hellbound Hepcat!). This is just a good Rockabilly record!

To conclude this (maybe short) article, this is just a Rockabilly band you have to hear, and a album you have to listen! You will enjoy it! I know i did 🙂

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