Halloween Zombie Bride: Kiti Kobain

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 27 - 20123,309 views
One of Rockabilly Online’s favorite pinup models Kiti Kobain is a big Halloween lover. She told us the hows and why’s we need to know about her Halloween experience:
Fall is my favorite time of year, October is my favorite month and Halloween is my favorite day. Ever since I was little Halloween was a big deal, bigger than birthdays, bigger than Christmas and I when I grew up I decided to make it even bigger by making that my wedding anniversary (my wedding was Alfred Hitchock themed)! Every year we decorate the outside of our house on Ocotober 1st (the inside is decorated year round), it has to be scary, no cutesy decorations allowed. We are the only house on the street that goes all out and the kids in the area love to come to our house to trick or treat. That is my favorite part of the whole night is the tick or treaters. We are the house that gives out the full size candy so that may have something to do with the kids excitment 😉 I collect pumpkins (fake ones of course, real ones get messy after awhile) so this is the best time of year to find cool and different looking ones to add to my collection. If I get a pumpkin to add from a friend of fan I name the pumpkin after them. Halloween music is another major excitment for me, from the classic “Monster Mash” to Rob Zombie. I think costumes should be over the top, even if you can’t afford a lot you can do a lot with a little and thrift stores are a halloween costume gold mine. I am a fan of the DIY costume so you look orginal.

I am now writing a column in The Pin Up Mag, Dear Kiti, where I answer any questions a reader may have on love, life and modeling.

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