Viva Le Pink: London Crawlin’

Posted by Miriam On October - 8 - 20124,174 views

Missy Le Pink, the front lady of the band Viva Le Pink, she can’t be ignored any longer. First of all because of her striking pink appearance (I can surely appreciate this), but also because of her recently launched Tattoo Tonic on the Londen Tattoo Convention in September (see our article on September 25th). But, this wasn’t all for 2012; on October 29 the band of Missy Le Pink, Viva Le Pink, will release their new album called London crawlin’. How and where this will happen is not yet known, but I’m sure it’s going to be a big event.

Except Missy, the band members are Phil Doyle  on double bass and  Terry Edwards on horns. Phil is responsible for the recording and production of the CD.
I was certainly surprised to receive their promo EP.
This promo CD includes 3 songs, “Hell Kitty”, “Queen O’Jack” and “Pink Elephants”. The cover of the CD promises a lot, but when you turn on the CD, it is even better than expected. What a rhythm and enthusiasm this band got, this music sure makes you very happy!
And don’t forget, the songs Hell Kitty and Queen O’ Jack are both written by Missy Le Pink; a promising lady!
How to describe this kind of music? Well, it’s a mix of wild rockabilly with a touch of psychobilly, but you can also find the old fashioned swing feeling in their sound. The voice of Missy is both raw as well as melodic, she knows how to use her voice perfectly.

I expect that in the near future we will be ‘pinked’ all over!

If you’re interested in Missy, her Tonic, her band or/and her EP, check the site for more information:

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