The Boom Boom Booms

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Four singers, big double bass, two screaming Gretsch guitars and one hot sax are the sound of this international band from the UK, formed in 2011.
They play wild rock ‘n roll and rockabilly, both own stuff as well as covers. You can hear influences from Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Stray Cats, The Sonics, Chuck Berry and much more.
The members of this band are: Gavin ‘G Brand’ Skelhorn, Rev. Lars Pluto, ‘Saxy’ Spencer Evoy, Chris ‘Slap’ Clavo and Mikey ‘Demon’ Dean-Smith.

The Boom Boom Booms have been playing a regular weekly gig called “What the jive” at the Queen Boadicea in Angel Islington and there have been some rocking nights with Burlesque dancers performing with the band.

Although the band is quite ‘young’ they’ve already recorded a pro music video and recently released an album. They also run a monthly London Rockabilly night called Aliens Ate My Cadillac.

So the guys are very busy and that is well reflected in their album. All 11 songs have a rockin’ rhythm with a little bit of a Teddy Boy sound. The band plays just good, especially given the fact that they’re only playing since 2011 and the vocals are very well! Personally, my favourite song on the CD is “Lust Disease”, it reminds me a lot of the British rockabilly/psychobilly band Restless, certainly not the least in the scene…
So if you’re in the UK, check the dates on their website and do visit one of their gigs:

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