Rockstar Furniture badass beds…

Posted by Dee-Ann On June - 5 - 20124,826 views

Will Colins of Rockabilly Furniture showed me his website If you are looking for something else in furniture, check out his website. They sell beds with names like Rockabilly Rockstar or Born to lose, live to win.

Will tells us about the Geisha bed:

When you look at this bed your eyes are immediately drawn to the Geisha women from the Japanese Culture. You notice on the right side the Geisha woman with her original Geisha outfit and it reminds you how these women were raised in that time to please the public, specifically men of that time. On the left side you notice what you might consider the same woman but her face painted with what looks familiar to The Day of the Dead paint from the Mexican culture and you see as well some skulls in the background. This brings both worlds of the Geisha life style come together. The men in the outside only see beautiful women who are to please them but in reality these women have their inner demons as well. When you see this bed you feel like you’re entering both sides of the Geisha inner being, because in the inside they might feel like they are dying every time they have to work which ties in the paint from The Day of the Dead in the Mexican culture. The head board of the bed shows a spider web with two dragons on opposite sides and it feels like the women are trapped in the web of the life of a Geisha woman. On top of the bed are spider webs that again bring this whole bed together like an actual art sculpture. This bed tells a story of a life style that women went trough the good the bad and how they are unable to escape even if they wanted to. This is a bed with a unique style that I have not seen before but that you can connect to based on what you are interested in and how you live your life in this world.

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