The Hot Rod Rhythm Boys

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The Hot Rod Rhythm Boys; quite an unusual quartet of musicians. It’s a British/Finnish rock ‘n roll band whose front man is Mark Harman, also known as the leader on the legendary Restless, a popular rockabilly/psychobillyband back in the eighties.
When Mark Harman and the Hot Rod Rhythm Boys got together to play, something special was in the air. They’ve all got their careers in the music business and it seemed to work to bring something both new and traditional in their own unique style.
Besides Mark Harman on guitar and vocals, the other band members are Jari Rautio on guitar, Tommi Hänninen on drums and Lauri Valkonen on double bass.
You must visit their fantastic glamorous website on

But before that, check out the interview I’ve had with Jari and Mark, to know something more about this great band.  

Can you tell us more how you started this band; did you already knew eachother?
MH. I was invited to come to Finland to teach some of my guitar ideas at a summer school for Finnish music students where I met Yari who was working as a teacher and director. While I was there it was decided that we (along with Lauri on bass and Tommy on drums) would do a little gig together in a local club for fun. I knew straight away that I wanted to work with these guys again. Yari is one of the best musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with………and so are Tommy and Lauri. It was a great band right from the start. We had
to do something more.
JR: We met music camp where mark was asked to guitarteacher.It was summer 2007.
Music Camp ends of ourselves we played one gig together, and that’s
how it all began.

Jari and Mark

How would you describe your music style; is it just rockabilly you play or other styles too?
JR:I think it`s pure rock`n roll, we just play our own style. Mark is one of the best rockabilly guitar player around.
MH. I agree with Jari. This is a band that encompasses all genres of Rock ‘n’roll……..from country rock to blues to rockabilly with influences from every decade. We have no constraints. If it feels good, we play it. It is pure Rock ‘n’ Roll…….dirty,loud, powerful,
exciting and fun. Come see…… WILL have to dance!

All the band members are in the music business for quite a long time now; what’s the difference between the audience back then and nowadays?
MH. The audiences have grown with us and followed us on the long rocky road. Luckily we are also picking up many youngsters along the way………….once the crowd are on their feet, there is no difference between the excitement of 1980 to now. If I didn’t still love the feeling of playing in front of a live audience I would’ve retired a long time ago. There is nothing like it!
JR:When I started to play gigs about over 30 years ago, people they really want ot see
live rock`n roll…nowdays they already knows almost everything about the bands…
because internet…I think that it`s only good thing.there is only rock`n roll know what I mean!

Have you only toured in Finland and the UK and where would you really like to play?
JR:Right now we only toured in Finland but we have some plans going to Europe…of course in the future it would be great if we can play over the world.!
MH. The idea is to spread the word about this amazing band. The recorded material we have is very representative of how exciting the Hot Rod Rhythm Boys are………but you’ve got to see us live to believe it. We will take it everywhere!

Can you tell us a funny incident during one of your gigs?
JR:I think that we have fun all the time when we are on the stage…but only one´s electricity was`s only rock`n roll
MH. Well I think and hope that this band will be around for a long time to come and so there will inevitably be many funny stories to tell……………….I guess watching the website is a good way to keep up with what we’ve been up to on the road!

What are your plans for the future?
JR:Play the guitar and have fun…of course real tour somewhere in the world it would be great! We have some plans for new record already…we have good songs to waiting.
MH. Yes, new recordings sometime soon, touring the band. Still waiting on agents and promoters to give us a chance they will not regret!
We’ll keep playing and enjoying cos this is what it’s all about.

Do you have any dos’ or don’ts on stage?
JR: You mean sex,drugs and rock`n roll…no we haven`t!
MH. Don’t drop your instrument, don’t fall from the stage, make sure all buttons and zips are done up on clothing, don’t leave the stage without whipping the crowd into a Frenzy, do have lots of fun and don’t take yourself too seriously…………………’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Do you have a tip for new coming artists?
JR:You must play as much as you can and listen all kind of music..that`s it!
MH. Doesn’t matter if you play in front of one person or a thousand………..if you’re playing anywhere, then you can set yourself free for however long your show lasts. Enjoy the freedom the fun that music can give you. It’s a beautiful thing. Play, play, play!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and if you get rich and famous……don’t forget about the Hot Rod Rhythm Boys!!!!

Is there anything you would like to tell?
JR:I `ll see you somewhere in our gigs !
MH. Come to see us as soon as possible………….all the fuss is about something special, we promise!

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