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Lil' Esther

Lil’ Esther. I saw her for the first time back in the eighties with her band The Bugaloos in Rotterdam. Three close harmony singing sweethearts (two of them were sisters) and great musicians in their band like guitarist Joe Sixpack, now playing in the Ragtime Wranglers. She sang in the Ranch Girls for a little while together with miss Mary Ann. Esther has been playing with her Tinstars for some years now. Let’s see how she’s doing.

Esther, you started with the Bugaloos. Don’t you miss those times, singing close harmony? 

Yes that’s right, I started singing in my first band “The Bugaloos”. And I do miss that time because of several reasons: I had a great time those days! We were very good friends of eachother and had a lot of fun together in this band! I’ll never forget that! In this band I also started singing with my sister Judith and good friend Marga closeharmony vocals which we realy loved to do! I’ve been doing this for many years till there were no more “singing girls” available.

What made the Bugaloos so special you think?
Those days singing girls were hard to find in this Rockabilly scene. And closeharmony was very rare as well. What made our band special was the fact that there were 3 girls singing closeharmony in this band. We were the first kind-a-band like that!

The Bugaloos

Do you think the rockabilly scene is different in the eighties than nowadays?
Oh yes, absolutely! Music has changed, clothes and haircuts have changed. In the eighties we had “Rockin’ gangs” in every town. We had The Teds, dressed up in drapes, drainepipes and creepers, The regular fifties Rockers with black leather jackets, dirty jeans, long greasy hair and motorbicks and ofcourse the “Cats and Kittens’ wearing regular vintage 50’s clothes. After that the scene has changed more and more, no more “gangs”, more different kind of vintage clothingstyles and much more different kind of bands, playing different kind of musicstyles from the 40’s and 50’s. Nowadays there are also much more big festivals in different kind of countries than before! Both times has their charmes I think.

Young Lil' Esther

You played with many other musicians and singers. What was your favorite experience?
Like you were saying I’ve sang with many other musicians and singers. I’m very proud of that and I just can’t tell you which one was my favorite experience. I loved them all!!

What do you take with you to a gig?
Wel, it depends of where the gig is and what kind of gig it wil be. I allways bring special nice clothing for the show, depends if it’s outsite or insite, a big show or a lil’ show. Bring my suitcase if I have to travel far, things like that. But what I allways take with me is my microphone, setlist and voice!

You seem like a fun loving gal. Do you have a funny story about a gig? 
Oh yes, many funny things have happend! 😉;) I’ll try to tell you one:
Once we -The Bugaloos – were really late for a gig in Sweden. The traveling took so much longer than expected! When we finaly arrived at the place of the gig, everybody was paniced! Affraid we wouldn’t show up anymore. There was no time to lose, we had to hit stage at once! No soundcheck, no freshing up, no nothing, just jumping into our dresses and get our asses on stage! Judith, Marga and me were always wearing the same dresses on stage. Marga and me had almost the same sizes. In our hurry we jumped in the wrong dresses. I jumped in Marga’s and she jumped in mine. Coming on stage and starting our show, we found out we’re wearing the wrong dresses. Marga’s got a D-cup and I had an A.. We looked so rediculous, couldn’t stop laughing anymore! At that moment it was realy funny!

Lil' Esther and her Tinstars

In your freetime what do you like to do besides singing?
Sleeping! An awful lot of sleeping! I’m a real lazy chick! And besides that, I like to go to restaurants and eat all kind of different food of all kind of different countries. I like to try it all! I also like to go out and watch the bands!

Do you still play the guitar?
Well. I haven’t played the guitar for a long time. Now I’m not such a great guitarplayer in the first place 😉;) I’ve learned it years ago just a little bit how to play some rhythm tunes. It’s nice for when I’m at home practising new songs.

Tell us about food. What do you love to eat, are you a good cook?
I love food! All kinds of food! My most favorite kind of food is Italian- , Indonesian- and food from Suriname.
I grew up in a multi-culturefamily. And I’m raised especialy with Indonesian and Suriname food.
If Il do the cooking myself – witch I like – then I’ll cook this kind of food the most! :)) Am I a good cook? Well.. Most people are Killing for my Italian Spaghetti or Indonesian Bami Coea..!
What is your motto?
Rock and Rolll! Freedom for everyone! Enjoy your live!! and stay healthy!!

What are your worst habits?
My worst habits? Ummmh.. I’ve got plenty.. Let me think. I always have to eat in front of a gig. During the gig I’m so sorry again for eating too much. More bad habits. Start smoking again, after quitting for 14 years. I know… shame on me. :((


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