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Bunni McLaughlin is a personal favorite of mine. I first discovered her work via facebook, but it has since grown into full blown obsession. It’s time for all you cool kats and kittens to find out what’s what!

Tell us about yourself?

I am originally from Chicago, primarily Northwest side (Cub Fan baby!) born and raised. Moved to Austin land in 1996…Studied Fine Arts at Ohio State University and Fine Art Photography at The Columbus College of Art & Design…Photography is currently my main focus.

Married to a Rockabilly Irish vato who sings with The Moonhowlers, livin’ and enjoying our combined creativities in Round Town Texas.

How did you get into pin-up photography?

I originally worked in the fine arts genre of photography, the classics of black and white imagery, large and medium formats respectivley…after meeting my husband, and he being a big fan of Betty Page pinups…I took an interest and did my research…loved the aspect of the tease and voyeuristic approach of the art, primarily that of Gil Elvgren’s work, even though his were primarily paintings…but he utilized the lighting that creates and emphasizes the beauty of each model. As for Bettie P…I loved her sweetness and at the same time, the rough S&M style! Ooo la-la!

I started doing pinup shoots using my stepdaughter Heather and a few of her friends, back in 2008 (all of legal age!)… whom of which are portrayed on my websites…but I have been doing photography for about 20 years. So pinup photography fulfills my creative streak and love for the pinup attire!

Who are some of your favorite classic pin-up photographers?

Bunny Yeager and Klaus who shot BP intitially…of the modern photogs, I love Viva-Van Photography out of Califas, Cherry Bones Photography here in Austin and I admire many others that I have come across over time. I do want to mention Helmut Newton, the amazing work that he created was a true form of pinup artistry, not in the basic pinup posing, but how he portrayed women, with a form of titillation like no other, he loved women, and he showed it in his work. A true Master and in my eyes, PinUps with an edge!

What about classic pin-up models or actresses?

Hmmm…Bettie Page!

Rita Hayworth (the true Latina Pinup), Betty Grabel, love her sweet look as she looked over her shoulder in the classic bathing suit pose, Marilyn Monroe, Mimi Van Doren to name a few.

You’re based out of Austin, Texas. Who are some of your favorite local girls to work with?

I loved working with each of the ladies that have given me the honor shooting them…Heather Mclaughlin aka “ScissorDame”, Kate aka “KateorDye” with the Austin roller derby team “the Cherry Bombs”, Jamie Bahr, Brandy Davis, Eliza McGee from Model Mayhem, Whitney aka “Delia Dread” of the Burlesque troup “Black Widow Burlesque”, Jeannie Guerrero, Jessica Renee, Lauren, Becca Acosta…whew! And all the beauties that have bestowed their loveliness on my webpages and book!

Is it safe to say you’re a fan of rockabilly music?

ABSOLUTLEY! Rockabilly moves and inspires me…I love the hard driving beat that makes you shake and bop!
I love Charlie Feathers, Robert Gordon, old original Elvis while he still had his innocence..the current Rockabillies: The Moonhowlers, The Modern Don Juans, Big Sandy, Kim Lenz, Marti Brom, Chadd Thomas and the Crazy Kings, Nick Curren, Deke Dikersen…and so many others

What about other types of music from that era?

I love sound of the blues, Patsy Cline’s vintage country, the Platters, Nat King Cole, the crooners of the day…I was born in ’57 so I listened to what my older siblings listened too…and when I hear it now, it swoons me!

Any upcoming shoots to look forward to?

I’m working on a 50’s era room set-up, I obtained some sweet vintage furnishings and knick knacks to make a backdrop for the next beauty…and I’m looking forward to shooting Miss Jamie Bahr as soon as she gives me word, a diner themed shoot! I’m working on an on going project with PinUps and RatRods for Rust Queens Magazine. Next issue will contain a 16 page “Zine” of some of my pinup work. On a personal quest, I created a pressbook titled:
“Bombshells and Thunder” with the bomshells and vintage cars that I have collectively shot over the last year and a half…many of the cars and pinups in the book are locals from Austin…and looking forward to book two by the end of the year.

Check out Bunni’s work here and here!

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