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I met the band Ignition at a Rockabella’s Inc. calendar party. I was surprised to know that a father and his daughter played in the same band, going to music festivals together, liking the same music, with a few differences maybe. I wanted to know more so I had a talk with daughter and singer Linda, dad and vocalist/ double bass player Gilbert and singer Wendy.

Tell me about the band. Who are you?
Gilbert: The bands name is IGNITION, we are from Oss (The Netherlands). The band was founded in in 2006

Bjorn (guitar),  Sidney (drums), Gilbert (vocals, double bass), Linda (vocals), Wendy (vocals).
Describe your music style. How did you get the name?
Linda: We play raw rockabilly.
Gilbert: The name is based on our passion for cars (gasoline-cars).

How did your first love for rock and roll start? First song, heroes etc.
Gilbert: Early Stray Cats  / Eddie Cochran  / Gene Vincent  / SUN-artists
Wendy: I dont have only love for rock and roll but for all kinds of music.
Linda: I grew up with rock and roll, I heard nothing but this music at home. I have always liked this music, but since I was 15, I went to gigs more often. I like psychobilly and raw rockabilly. Especially Batmobile I like a lot, but also Eddie Cochran, Reverend Horton Heat etc.

Do you write your own songs?
Wendy: Not for the band, but I do write songs for myself. I get inspired by the people around me, what is happening in
their lives and in my own life.
Linda: For now we only play covers.
Gilbert: We will start writing our own songs, about cars and the way of life (like we see it).

Do you also play for other music lovers than rock and rollers? How do they react?
Gilbert: Yes for psychobilly’s and rockers, most of the time they react pretty good.
Wendy: Yes I do sometimes, and most people like it, but they like other music too.
Linda: A lote of people who never listen to this kind of music come to see us, and they like it!

What other nowadays bands or artist do you like?
Gilbert: Reverend Horton Heat (my favorite) and wild rockabilly’s
Wendy: A lot, I love rock music too and I really like Anouk.

Which living celebrity would you like to be on stage with?
Gilbert: Whatever, to me is everyone the same if they act normaly
Wendy: I like a lot of singers, but if I really have to pick one, then I think it would be Bonnie Raitt. I think she`s a great singer and I love her music.
Linda: I would like be on stage with Jack Rabbit Slim. It’s a great band! And we play some of the same songs.

Where would you like to play the most? (where you haven’t been playing before)
Gilbert: On american cars meetings
Wendy: Uhhhhh we did it before, but what I like the most is outside festivals.
Linda: I would like to play abroad like England or Spain.

Tell us a funny story about the band or a gig.
Wendy: haha there are lots, we always have fun, and most of the time someting goes wrong, but we laugh about it.
Gilbert: one time we played somewhere one set and then we had to stop: too loud !!

Do you regret something?
Gilbert: that we played not louder there in the first set
Wendy: nope, you better can regret something you didnt do.

Do you have a message for rockabilly newbies?
Gilbert: Have fun and stay off drugs and be yourself
Linda : Go and have fun on stage, enjoy it every time. And make a connection with the audience. Also after the gig.

Do you have stage do’s and don’ts?
Wendy: Haha yes careful what you wear on stage, if you can’t stand still haha.
Linda: not really just be yourself and have fun.

Finish this sentence: In 10 years we will be…
Gilbert: The same assholes without any money like now.
Wendy: I hope still enjoy playing with our band.
Linda: Hopefully we’ll still be together to make music.!/profile.php?id=100002329830582

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