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Cotton Candies is a dutch webshop with trendy and unique fashion T-shirts and jewelry with a vintage and retro wink. Everything is handmade and of each item, there are just a few items for sale, so if you’ll order something here, you’re absolutely original!
The owner of the webshop, Melina van Hilten, is inspired by vintage pin-ups, Rockabillies & Betties, the American fifties, the style icons Marilyn and Audrey, but also Paris!
Last week Cotton Candies is nominated for the Design Contest of the best Webshop in the Netherlands. The shop is totally restyled and is therefore 1 of the 6 nominees. If you like, you can vote for Cotton Candies on Facebook on option nr. 5:
A nice opportunity to ask Melina some questions about her shop. 

How did you come to the idea of this webshop?
Somewhere the entrepreneurship has always attracted me. When I saw an add on the Internet two years ago of the company Spreadshirt, I was immediately enthusiastic. Through them you could start your own free t-shirt shop. It seemed like a fun and easy way to try it out how and if a reply would be to my designs. It was a nice opportunity to practise and play a little with my designs. My very first sale, I hadn’t seen it coming at all!
Things get moving and soon I wanted to be self-employed. After three months I said goodbye to Spreadshirt.  

Tell us about your career in the past; have you’ve always been in the fashionworld?
I’ve always had a passion for fashion and therefore I would love to go in fashion. I’ve studied Fashion and Trade and maybe now I sound very old, but at the time there were no online shops and it was necessary to have a trademan’s diploma to become an entrepreneur. After my studies I had one job in the fashion world, but then because of circumstances I ended up at the office. But after many years and more office jobs, fashion always attracted me! 

Are all your products own designs?
Yes, all products in the Candies Store are own designs and they’re all handmade. That’s why I am so proud and I think every sale it’s fantastic! It’s a special feeling that someone buys something that’s devised and made by me.  

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get inspiration everywhere; that can be music, film, online and offline media, but also the people on the street. 

Besides vintage pinups and the fifties you’re also inspired by Paris; how come?
Paris is the city of Love and it has glamour and something magic and sweet. These are precisely the basic ingredients of Cotton Candies.… 

Melina and her husband

Do you have a passion for the retro vintage style or also for rock ’n roll music and other vintage related things?
I think the retro style is totally awesome. Especially since the femininity and this playful mischievousness are typical, and I love it!  

Do you think vintage fashion and  accessories are lasting?
Yes, I know for sure!  People will always hold a desire for unique items and for the nostalgia of the days long gone. 

Do you have other passions besides fashion and jewelry?
Besides fashion and jewelry, photography, writing and dancing are a great passion of mine. Because of the busyness with Cotton Candies this is all now put on the backburner. 

What would you like to achieve?
My dream is to be full-time independent web entrepreneur and to put Cotton Candies completely on the map.

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