The Hell Bent Rockers

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The Hellbent Rockers, a rockabilly band from Canada. Nice, cause I’m quite curious how the scene in Canada is. I know they organize every year a big festival, The Red Hot & Blue Rockabilly Weekender, but otherwise we have no clue (certainly not in Europe). For example, is the scene as lively as it is in Europe, are there many Rockabilly bands, are there any more festivals, and so on. More fun, that we’ve got a request by The Hellbent Rockers with the possibility to submit these questions.
A little searching on YouTube yielded at least a lot of hits, so the guys are clearly in great demand in Canada. But who are The Hellbent Rockers? A band that was founded not so long ago, but with band members who are playing for many years in the music business.”
David Nicoloff (guitar), Mike Williams (bass), Billy T (vocals) and Deryke Spriggs (drums)  describe it as a hell-bent, toe-tappin’, rip-roarin’ good time. Billy T was so kind to make some time for us.

 How did you started this band; did you already know each other? 

The guys were already playing as The Treblemakers but were looking for a new singer. The one they had wanted to sing slower songs while they wanted upbeat rockabilly. They placed an add online and I responded and auditioned. We all were playing in different rockabilly in the same city in the late 1980’s so it’s pretty cool that we’ve hooked up now!

 Tell us something more about the rockabilly scene in Canada; is it as lively as it is in Europe?

 The scene has really exploded again lately. It’s feeling like the mid 80’s again when the Stray Cats brought rockabilly mainstream. There are some really hot bands in Canada and some great rockabilly music festivals!

You’re in the music business for quite a long time; can you tell us something about your musical past?

 I was singing rockabilly when I was in my early 20’s. I then took a break from music while pursuing a career as a television director and getting married and having a family. I got the itch to play again a few years ago and sang with another rock & roll band before meeting my current lineup.

Have you only performed in Canada or also elsewhere? 

We have currently only played in Canada but we’d LOVE to come to Europe to play! We know how passionate Europe and Asia are for rockabilly and think it would be great to tour there. (Attention booking agents!!!)

Does one of you write the songs or are you doing this together? 

The songs are mostly written by Dave Nicoloff our guitar player and our drummer Deryke Spriggs.

Is there any place you would really like to play? 

Anywhere where they love what we do! Some of the big rockabilly festivals would be awesome!

Who is your greatest inspiration? 

I’ve been an Elvis fan since I could talk! I also love Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochrane, Gene Vincent and more recently Robert Gordon. (We are opening for him this Friday!!) 

What makes you different from other Canadian Rockabilly bands? 

We are all experienced musicians who have a real passion for rockabilly. We are high energy from the get-go and really try and keep the dance floor hopping all night! 

Are you planning to release a CD? 

That’s our goal for early next year. We recently recorded a 4 song demo that we are really happy with! 

How do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Hopefully still rockin’ the joint and playing what we love! 

Is there anything you would like to tell? 

It’s such a great feeling to know that the music I have loved for so long is still going strong throughout the world!! Keep on rockin’ and rollin’ everyone!!!

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