Pinup of the week: Kristi Walsh aka Margie Rita

Posted by Miriam On December - 5 - 20113,471 views

Photographer: Jillian Danielson

Greetings everyone! I am SO excited to be featured in Rockabilly-Online!
While I am new to the pinup scene, I have always been living in a decade other than my own! Born and raised in Ohio, I grew up with parents who embraced 1940s/1950s ideals and who even still had some of the wardrobe. I was so fascinated with my mom’s crinoline that she threw me a 1950’s style party when I was 13 years old! She made me a gorgeous hot pink poodle skirt to go over her crinoline, and I paired it with my favorite saddle shoes, shirt, sweater and cat-eye glasses and voila. We played Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Bill Haley & the Comets, Elvis, Chuck Berry and other songs and twisted the night away!
Halloween was a big deal in my hometown, and dress-up played a huge role for me and my friends on a year-round basis. In fact, my best friend and I watched Batman (the tv show re-runs) and Wonder Woman (with Lynda Carter) religiously and her mom made her a spectacular Robin costume. We constantly fought over who got to be Robin when we played! There is a great kindergarten Halloween picture of us – my friend was Robin and my mom made me an equally awesome Wonder Woman costume!
I also had a tendency to pose for the camera from a very young age. There is a classic photo of me from when I was maybe 6 in my first bikini swimsuit, carrying one of those mushroom-shaped clear plastic umbrellas, vamping it up. If I got new clothes for Christmas or birthday, I’d often do a fashion show for the family to show off my new duds.

Other miscellaneous tidbits about me: as you might be able to discern from my name, my favorite beverage is a frozen margarita! There is nothing better on a hot Arizona day than a frozen marg. I have a variety of athletic hobbies like tennis, training and nutrition, sprint triathlons (swimming, cycling and running), love to travel, and I scrapbook. It’s hard to keep up with scrapbooking with so many sporting events, travel and photo shoot pics though!
I am thrilled to have found this world of beautiful women, amazing outfits and talented photographers. I am still learning how to express myself more in my face for pics, but am learning a lot from the people I shoot with and by admiring others’ photos. This new hobby is giving me lots of new business ideas and once I am in a different real-world job, I am hoping I can bring those ideas to life! xoxo

Photographer: Jillian Danielson
MUA/H: Heather Pace


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