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Lucy and John

Lucy and John are the people behind Rockabilly Swamp, a rockabilly weekender in The Netherlands at a campsite, able
to host about 800 people. John and Lucy are Rockabilly die hards. For the last 10 years, every weekend, they’re off to any festival or bandgig in The Netherlands, Belgium, occasionally in other European countries, and even Viva Las Vegas in the USA. You could say they have seen a lot of bands and know a lot of people in the scene.

As they started to get a clear view of the kind of weekender they wanted to organize they decided to start Rockabilly Swamp. This year is the first year of the Swamp.

Lucy, there seems to be a great atmosphere
at a festival like this. Can you describe it for us?
I think the atmosphere is so good because a lot of rockers who come to the festival know eachother. They all come for the same thing, a nice weekend with Rockabilly bands, D.J.’s, drinks so partytime. The nice thing about it is, that also rockers from Belgium, Germany, France and England show up, so it’s kind of a reunion.

What makes your festival unique?

I don’t know if our festival is unique, but by keeping the costs low, 25 euro’s for the whole weekend, 8 bands, D.J.’s and Rockabilly Jive lessons, we want to give everyone a chance to join in.

On Saturday and Sundaymorning you can have breakfast at the dinnerroom of the farm, fried eggs, toast, bread, coffee etc.

We get great reactions on our Rockabilly crocodile logo (by Alex Brenner). There is a bakery in Belgium who will copy our logo for his own window display. We could not be more proud.

How do you decide on which band to invite for you festival?

We try to book a mix of bands and hope to satisfy as many people as possible. We go and see a band first before we book them. We get a lot of emails of bands who want to play with us, so if possible we will go to their show first.

Which band would you love to see on the Rockabilly Swamp if you didn’t have to worry about anything?

If I wouldn’t have to worry about anything I would like to book the Lucky Stars (USA),  Jimmy Sutton(USA), Deke Dickerson(USA), Si Cranstoun(ENG), Ray Collins Hot Club (ger), James Intveld(USA). You’ll never know!!!

What are your plans for the future?

We have plans to organize this festival once a year.

Anything else you would tell our readers?

The only advise I have for Rockabilly-online readers, come to the Rockabilly Swamp and see for yourself.


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