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I’m always interested in Rockabilly in country’s we don’t expect to find it. I found on facebook an Indonesian Rockabilly group that has mainly Indonesian members but also from other countries. They all are interested in Indonesian Rockabilly or Rockabilly in general. I asked Athonk about the Indonesian scene.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Sapto Raharjo -aka Athonk Tattoo, Comic Book, Drawing, painting, film, theater, poetry

I love music, especially live bands. I have been a singer in some bands before.

I have a good relationship with club-venue owners. They let me use their place for gigs.

Where do we go for Rockabilly in your country?

We have a rock and roll scene in Indonesia. My city, Yogyakarta, is well-known for Rockabilly, beside Bali. We have clubs, cafes n places for gathering and have some shows. Also regulary, we have annual Elvis memorial gigs, on his birthday n on his death-anniversary or on our annual tattoo convention, which is always filled with rockabilly bands. you can come visit yogyakarta java or kuta bali, to see live rockabilly bands. we dont get foreign bands (rockabilly) play in indo, except, last time we had ‘living end’ from Australia, played in Bali.

Here’s a link to a radio streaming from texas usa, it’s on Indonesia Rockabiilly scene. This is the second wave of Indo-billy:

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  1. Rat Rod Tony Rat Rod Tony says:

    Just goes to prove rockabilly has no boundaries!

  2. […] Indonesian Rockabilly: RESCUE Posted by Dee-Ann On July – 3 – 2012 I have been told that Yogyakarta has the largest Rockabilly scene in Indonesia. I already talked to Athonk before: […]

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