My adventures around Brian Setzers Rockabilly Riot!

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Most of you, know all about Brian Setzers Rockabilly Riot.
Brian Setzer went to Amsterdams Paradiso for his Rockabilly Riot last week.
We’ve been there this time as well. Miss Mary Ann & the Wrangtime Wranglers opened the show. They did a great job.
And ofcourse Rockabilly Riot was a blast!

I did a review for myself about what happened with me and the guys this evening.
This one, I think I’ll have to share.

We went with the three of us, Angel (who writes review’s and stuff for RBO) and his brother William. Soon, I decided to be the one who’ll drive, so the boys can drink some. Read A LOT!
During the gig, they went to the bar time and again, just the same over and over again, beer.. It didn’t took long for the first strange things happened. They started to shout:
“Faggot!”, “this Brian Setzers guy can play, but he isn’t as special as they always say” (from two guys who worship him..), and “one bassplayer is already to much, so why two?!”, etc. You should have seen the faces from all the people around us..
I was almost embarrassed ( I say almost, because there’s more to follow).
The only clear moment was when Angel bought an album from the Setzerstand.
An album I saved by carrying it in my purse.

When Brian finished his show, it just started for me. The guys were outside. Angel wanted to wait for Dee-Ann. He had to take a picture of Dee-Ann and me.

Fiona & Dee

William was out of our sight already. He met some germans, and was talking to them (I wonder if they understood anything, even in dutch it was hard for me to understand him..). We took some pics and of we go, to the car, I thought…

I can’t mention everything what happened, it’s just to much, but I’ll try to tell the funniest things.
William wanted to smoke, so he sat with his ass on a pointy fence. “You don’t feel anything of it”, he explained, “it’s just like shit!”
A few seconds later, William with his stork legs, ran across the hectic streets of Amsterdam, just to ring some doorbells! Oh gosh.. I’ve got myself in some exciting moments now.. Angel laughed so hard, and followed his brother. There I was, alone, with to drunk lunatics.

Then, William decided to enjoy the beautiful canals, so he threw his legs over the fence. I took his belt, and hung on it. It was a challenge already, ‘cause the tip of my high heels, just touched the ground for not even a centimetre (you’re a woman or you aren’t one ..).
Angel stood there laughing as a little child. After a few minutes, he understood it was serious business. William really wanted to jump in, so finally Angel saved his little brother.

There were some ladies on the sidewalk, English ladies, where they’re making fun of. William said: “they’re germans! Whatever you do, don’t mention the war!” (both brothers are crazy about some English tv series, that’s where this was from). Angel was making fun of them to, so I decided to push them further up the sidewalk, while I made my apologies to these ladies.

My feet were hurting me, and the more I thought about it, the slower the guys walked.

William grapped a flower, and talked to all the people who walked by. To a guy: “and you won’t get this one either! You don’t look like a nice lady!”

The walk was about 1,5km’s. It took us 45minutes…

In the parking, there was a new problem. William took Angels seat. So Angel decided to get into the car, by opening the backdoor of it (it’s a car with only three doors, so it didn’t made sense at all). When we finally were in the car, we had to look for a way to pay. I decided to park the car by the entry, took the keys out of it (I had two toddlers, so I had to).

When I came back, I almost walked with my sore, bare feet, in some puke . “Oh there’s William again”, I thought (and believe me, I got reasons to think this). When I looked up, I saw a laughing William! And in the back of the car, I just heard strange noises: “bleeeeeh… buuuuuh… bleeeh” and “Bastard!”. It was Angel!
His nose to the window, trying not to puke inside of the care. For your idea, this window opens at his most five centimetre, so it’s a challenge!

On our way back home, I laughed at both of them. Still strange noises from the back, and William who enjoyed this so much. He even gave Angel his shirt, so he can whipe his face.
William found a bluesharp, and played some blues for his brother: “My brother drank to much, tadadadadaa, he drank so much he puked!”, etc.

I think you’ll believe this night, is one I won’t forget!

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