Rocking & Rolling with Jamie Bahr!

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Jamie chills out!

Jamie Bahr is a relocated, rock & roll, voluptuary who has recently made her new home the Lone Star state.  In doing so, she found herself taking on a new role, the one of a glamorous pin-up model.  With buxom curves that bring to mind Jayne Mansfield and a voice like Wanda Jackson, Jamie is taking on both the modeling world and the music world with equal success.  

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a pretty tough cookie.  I take pride that I’m a good girl who can dig a little mischief, but when put to the test, will do what’s right over what’s easy.  I was born and raised in Kingston, New York; a small colonial city in the Hudson Valley, just southeast of the infamously known, Woodstock.  It was quite the interesting place to grow up.  I was classically trained in opera, but found jazz a bit more intriguing as I got older so in college I majored in Fine and Performing Arts with a concentration in Jazz Vocal Performance.  I started singing jazz in small bistros and cafes around the Hudson Valley, but felt like I hadn’t really found my place, musically or geographically.  I jumped around from band to band, singing everything from Funk to Folk to Math Metal, but nothing ever tickled my fancy. 

I pretty much tripped and fell into playing with PBR.  We play punk rock versions of old blues and rock songs.  They bring the Punk; I bring the Blues, although I have been told that I am pretty punk rock. 

I currently reside in the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin, Texas.  We played in Austin for the SXSW Festival in March of 2009.  I had been thinking about moving since I was in need of a change of scenery and wanted to start my own project, Danger*Cakes, in a new city.  It was also a plus that PBR is signed with Altercation Records, which is based out of Texas, so Austin seemed like a good choice.  Then, at our first show during the festival, I met the man I’m going to marry.  His name is Drew Edwards and he’s the writer and conceptualist of the comic book, Halloween Man.  We were instantly inseparable and I moved here two months later.  He proposed this past February and we are still madly in love.

Danger*Cakes is coming along quite nicely.  It’s been a labor of love assembling the all-girl, vintage style big band of my dreams, but so worth it.  I’ve met so many wonderfully interesting women that I’m constantly in awe.  I’ve also been introduced into the world of vintage pinup modeling, which has been very exciting.  I teach for the company, Magic Music which has a non-profit program called Kids In a New Groove (KING).  We provide music lessons to children in foster care in the instrument of their choice.  And when I’m not doing all that, I’m doing the next most fun job in the world, slinging cupcakes to the masses, from inside a 1950’s airstream trailer for a company called Hey Cupcake!.  It even has a giant rotating cupcake on the top.  All in all, my life’s a ball.
What’s your history with Punk Blues Review?

Jamie with Punk Blues Review

Jamie with Punk Blues Review

I joined the band in July of 2007, they were already signed with Altercation Records.  The project was the brainchild of guitarist, Blake Metzler who had teamed up with bassist, Ellis Keaton to produce Punk Blues Review, otherwise known as PBR.  It was an idea fueled on booze, blues and tattoos.  In December of that year, we brought on drummer, Johnny Watson to record the album “Death or Glory,” who later joined the band.  The album was released in late spring of 2008.  We did a tour of the Northeast that fall and early winter, and then played during the SXSW festival in 2009.
What is the story with this Danger*Cakes project?

Well, Danger*Cakes is my all-girl “urban” big band, although I’m still looking for a few more members.  So right now, we’re pretty much a slightly larger than average band.  We primarily play originals, but do a few old school covers.  I have always loved big band jazz, but also have a sweet spot for rockabilly, soul and hip hop.  Now, I’m kind of a decadent sort of dame, so I didn’t want to be stuck singing in just one genre.  I wanted to sing it all!  This is a day and age where something could be anything and concepts that would have seemed unfathomable sixty years ago now exist.  So it seemed the perfect time to assemble Danger*Cakes from scratch.  We’re comprised of lovely ladies who know just how to tickle the auricle fancy by combining a strapping rhythm section, a luscious brass ensemble, and me; the big slice of cheesecake up front, belting it out.  You add a side of soul with a dollop of punk pin-up and voilà.  It’s sinfully delicious.

You call yourself the “Sexy Betty Crocker” what’s that all about?

Oh that’s a nickname my fiancé, Drew started but really caught on.  Like I said before, I am a very decadent woman who loves to combine all of her passions.  Besides music, I love to cook.  And just how anything I hear that intrigues me, I need to sing, anything I taste that I enjoy, I need to learn to make.  This has led me to become quite the chef, baker, and Susie Homemaker.  I love cooking for friends and family and feel that everyone deserves a cake of some sorts on their birthday.  I’ve also been known to hand out cupcakes to homeless people on the street.  I know my sense of style conjures images Betty Boop and Donna Reed, so it was long before I was being called, “The Cupcake Lady,” and then “Sexy Betty Crocker.”  I don’t mind it.  There are much worse things one can be called.

What are some of your favorite 50’s movies? 

Jamie and Drew

Jamie & Drew camp it up!

I don’t really consider myself to be a movie buff, but I do enjoy classic cinema.  Some of my fave’s are Rebel Without a Cause, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Strangers On a Train, South Pacific and The King and I, to name a few.  I also love classic TV, and grew up on Nick at Night.  I adore “I Love Lucy,” and “Dragnet.”  But I remember trying to stay up late as a kid, just so I could see “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” which was always guaranteed to scare the pants of me just before I went to sleep.
What about vintage music?

I am most inspired by the ladies of Jazz:  Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington, and Annie Ross of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross.  But since moving to the South, I’ve acquired a newfound appreciation for Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton.  As for the gentlemen; Little Richard, Jackie Wilson, Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash and of course we can’t forget the King, Elvis Aaron Presley.
Tell us about Dangerous FX?

Jamie in Dangerous FX

Jamie in Dangerous FX

I’m the spokesmodel for Dangerous FX, a fashion retailer in the UK that’s specializes in alternative and high-fashion styles.  What’s wonderful about them is not only their array of styles, but sizes as well.  I’m a full-figured woman, as the majority of women are these days.  I have seen the clothes out there that are designed for us.  I’m sorry, but hideous florals and crazy color patterns only make me think of a couch that’s going to send me into an epileptic fit.  This is not the way to emphasize our positive attributes.  Quite oppositely in fact, it’s a shameful way to cover it up and draw attention to our own shame and I just won’t have it.  So I go in hot pursuit of fabulous fashion finds for the full-figured, it was only a matter of time before I found Dangerous FX.  Their threads really bring out the fashionista femme fatale in me, which is the perfect visual for Danger*Cakes.
How do men react you when you’re all dolled up in pin-up glamour style?

Even casually, I’m usually pretty committed to looking “put together”.  I guess I’m kind of old fashioned that way.  If I’m going out, I have my red lipstick on.  I feel like I tend to stick out amongst other women, you know, say when you’re grocery shopping perhaps.  But I also have the habit of making eye contact then smiling at random strangers so maybe I just seem more approachable because of that.  But in the times when I go out and I’m just “Casual Friday-ing” it up or it’s a Clark Kent kind of day, I feel almost invisible, like I can blend in with all the other fish in the sea.  Those are the days when I really get flattered by a compliment or come on.
Do women treat you differently than men? 

Well, they definitely don’t hit on me as much.  But all kidding aside, most women I come across tell me they like my sense of style and even seem to go out of their way to do so.  I haven’t really come across anyone too catty.  I think my style choices exude in air of confidence that most women find refreshing and non-threatening.
What’s next for Jamie Bahr?

What’s not?  I have a few different shoots coming up for Dangerous FX and a few different pinup photographers.  PBR is currently on hiatus, but Danger*Cakes will be gigging out within the upcoming months.  And I do have wedding to plan.  So stay tuned because this chica is always on the move.

 For more on Jamie check her out on Facebook!

Jamie slaps it!

Jamie slaps it!

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