Viva Las Vegas: Vicky Tafoya

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Now here’s a lady that fills the room with her voice, her appearance and her personality: Vicky Tafoya ladies and gentlemen.

Photo by Dee Ann

She was playing at Viva Las Vegas in Brendans, inside the Orleans Hotel and Casino. A pub with the perfect small, jazzy and cosy atmosphere for Vicky and her band The Big Beat.
The current players in Vicky Tafoya’s Big Beat are Matt Beld – Lead Guitar, George San Martin -Saxophone, Johnny Sosa – Drums, Vinny Malachi – Bass and her husband Vince Maldonado – Rhythm Guitar.

Doo wop, blues, jazz and jive are the main styles that the band is wrapping all the songs in. Rockabeating Boogie in Jazz style, Etta James’ I just wanna make love to you in blues. But Vicky’s main quality is doo wop, especially when her clear voice is belting out the high notes in So Young and Angel Baby, which she dedicated to Nick Curran, who could not make it to this Viva Las Vegas edition, due to his illness.

But it’s not just Vicky who gives the show it’s energy. Matt and Vinny are forming a jumping and swinging duo on stage next to her. Her husband Vince is always referred to by Vicky. They write songs together and she loves to interact with him during the show. She loves to interact with the audience and her friends too. That makes her so special. A warm hearted woman, with a great voice and a lot of love for music and entertainment.

You’ll leave her show feeling good.,=HKZISY8Ewfo

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