Viva Las Vegas: the hottest cars

Posted by Dee-Ann On May - 1 - 20113,205 views

At the parkinglot of Viva Las Vegas 2011 the proud owners of  the hottest cars showed off, and they had the right to. I could not decide on which I liked the most. But I don’t think it’s about deciding, it’s about feasting your eyes on all those beauties. I made a small selection of the ones that caught my eye. I’m a girl so don’t expect me to tell you all the details. Just enjoy.

I think for cars, red is like blonde for women.
Sandpapered gives it a rough and vintage look.

Green and gold car. The golden pattern is unique. 

This car has no windshield. Is that comfortable? Not for your hair, but what the heck…

Sorry, just could not resist…

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