Viva Las Vegas: Japanese Rockabillies

Posted by Dee-Ann On April - 27 - 201111,516 views
Photo by Dee Ann

I heard about Japanese Rockabillies dancing in Yoyogi parc, Tokyo Japan. And I heard bands like Batmobile touring in Japan and being treated like kings. So I was always wondering about the Rockabilly scene over there.

When I came across those five Japanese music lovers in the lobby of The Orleans hotel and casino, I stopped them for a minute for some questions.  The guy in the striped t-shirt spoke English and told me they were from Tokyo. The Rockabilly scene is quite small, about 200 people. They come together at the Record Hop, that’s a small club. Mostly Japanese Rockabilly bands play there, but sometimes they invite foreign bands, and even originals. I think they mean the R&R legends who are still alive and kickin’.

The Rizlaz is their favorite Japanese band and their favorite American artist is Big Sandy. At this Viva Las Vegas event, they have seen him twice. On Friday when he played with Los Straightjackets and on Saturday at the Deke Dickerson Guitar Geek show.

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  1. onthehillhq says:

    people who’s dancin’ at Yoyogi Park ain’t rockabillies anyway.

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