Viva Las Vegas: Doris and Masumi

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Photo by Dee Ann

Am I crazy to travel 20 hours to have a rockin’ time, while I could  travel one hour, to have a rockin’ time as well in Rockin’ around Turnhout (Belgium)? I tell you why I did it… because it is LAS VEGAS! 😛 Rockabilly-online went through all this trouble just to let you know what’s going on, on the 14th edition of Viva Las Vegas Weekender. Unfortunately I could only join in, two days out of four, but it’s all worth it.

Rockabilly music is my passion. And I love watching people too. Most of them expressing their creativity through their looks. The cars, the clothes the whole darn thing… I died and gone to Rockabilly heaven.

The festival was held in The Orleans hotel Casino. There were stages inside the hotel, as well as one big stage outside at the carshow and market. That’s where we went first, stroling along the market, to take a look at clothes, bags, shoes. Pinup photographer Viva Van Story had a booth as well as Pinup Girl Clothing.

Masumi Max

I went over there to see what’s up with Masumi Max. She was looking sexy and gorgeous with her platinum blond hair, having fun, sitting next to Erica. I was admiring Masumi’s tattoo’s and asked her which one was her favorite. She pointed at the red dragons on both her arms. “I designed them myself. I don’t want a tattoo that is someone else’s. So, I wanted a dragon and they just drew it on me. That’s why they’re not entirely the same. On my back I have a dragon too. I like dragons because my husband’s a red dragon (the one with the red mohawk) hehehe. Although the tattoo’s were first, they’re from 2000.”

Doris Mayday

I bumped into another Pinup Girl Clothing model Doris Mayday. She was standing in line for a delicious cocktail drink. You can not miss Doris. Her radiant appearance, porcelain skin tone, Jayne Mansfield hair. She looks good in anything. It was a hot day but it didn’t bother her. She said her dress was so thin and cool, she almost felt naked. Well in Vegas, you can…

Since she was waiting for her drink I was wondering what her favorite one was. It’s Fink Bomb. It’s a tiki drink from Frankie’s Tiki Room in Las Vegas. So if you’re around Las Vegas… go taste Doris’ Mayday favorite drink there:
Ever heard of a pescetarian? Doris requested me to teach our readers about pescetarians. It’s NOT a religion, so don’t go looking for a church. It’s a vegetarian who also eats fish. Doris is a pescetarian. And a great cook too. She likes to cook Ceviche and Manicotti’s. “I like cooking diner myself, but I’d love people to buy me drinks.”
I thanked her for her time and she said she loves Rockabilly-online. She’s been featured here twice at least 🙂 Then we hugged. What a lovely woman.
Doris is planning on starting pinup hair tutorials on youtube anytime soon. We’ll keep you posted on that.

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