Having a ball at Cafe Fame with Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains

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Photo by Mascha

One sunny Sunday afternoon at Cafe Fame in Hoorn (NL). We were building up our backline. Marc stood on a barstool to attach a cable to the ceiling. Mars was standing in front of him and then… bang! Marc fell off the barstool right on a suitcase and kicking Mars in the hand. We haven’t started yet and already the drummer hurt his back and the bass player hurt his thumb. But… they’re die hards, music is a perfect healer and the show must go on!

Photo by Mascha

Miriam brought Ruud and Mascha to our gig. Ruud is the singer of the Explosion Rockets. Miriam was the one who interviewed them for Rockabilly-online a while ago: https://www.karto.nl/?p=4925. Needless to say he’s a huge Elvis fan. So Ruud kept on nagging about me playing an Elvis song. 😛
We’ll be playing in Rotterdam with both our bands on July 2nd. And he’ll be opening for the Elvis Tribute show on May 1st, in 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Mascha was so kind to use my camera and take pictures of us.

Photo by Mascha

I always have to drink a lot of water to keep my throat and myself cool. Can’t keep my feet still. I had my drink tickets on me, but I lost it somewhere during the first set. Or did I give them to Mars? He said he didn’t have mine. I looked in my purse… nothing… But no worries, I got my water anyway.
During the second set a bunch of women AND men, dressed in colorful dresses, high heels and wigs in all kinds of colors came in. The party was complete. Finally at the end of the show, I called Ruud to approach the stage, (he just came out of the mensroom) and we played I got stung for him.

At the final, on Whole lotta shakin’, Mars got so heated up, he put his doublebass on the bar, climbed on it, and continued the song standing on the bar. He was out of his mind and the joint went out of their heads.

Back at home I found my drink tickets… I forgot I kept them in my bra, and while jumping and dancin’ they slid downwards, stuck on my belly.

A party it was ladies and gentlemen!

Photo by Mascha

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