Buzz Barton’s Brothers – It’s beggin’ time again (demo review)

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Who are the Buzz Barton’s Brothers? Four very enthusiastic guys from the Netherlands, who recently formed a rockabilly band.
The line up is: Ronald Kloosterman (screams), Marco Klaver (slappin’ bass), Jan Kramer (riffs) and Ritchie Mensingh (drums, you’ll all know him by the interview earlier this month on rockabilly-online:
Why this unusual name for a rockabilly band?  Well, way back in the good ole’ times of real western movies, there was Buzz. A hell of a shooter, always aiming for justice.
And now, his legacy lives on… Buzz Barton’s  Brothers, shooting with music, rockabilly, western bop, kicking ass!

After such a short time the band is playing together, they now proudly present their first demo CD, called It’s beggin’ time again, consisting of 7 songs.


The CD starts with the song “Do me no wrong” and this is a great start, it shakes you awake. Firm rockabilly, with excellent riffs and raw singing.
What’s so nice of the rest of the CD, it’s very diverse in terms of musical influences.
The third song on the CD “Beggin’ time” is a very cheerful western hillbilly song, the fifth song “Rockabilly gal” has a bit of a dark edge, what gives the song a voodoo kind of influence (it reminds me of the Belgian band the Baboons).
The sixth song on the CD “Not for love or money” is pure rock ‘n’ roll, very easy to listen to; you feel like dancing.
The last song on the album called “Alien Lover” is written by guitarist Jan (all the other songs are covers) and it is definitely my favourite song. When the intro starts, you think you’re listening to a Restless-CD – Restless was a British rockabilly band, very well known and highly regarded back in the eighties – and the whole song stays that way, pretty up-tempo and very good guitar-playing.

My opinion is that the Buzz Barton’s  Brothers is a very refreshing band with a wide variety of musical influences. Marco is slappin’ his fingers off, Jan is a guitarist with a beautiful unique sound and you can hear he has a lot of experience (he used to play in the band Wild men of Wongo), Ritchie do I need to say more, a very tight and basic drummer and Ronald, he’s howlin’ his way through the songs!
You must definitely see these boys live. Check the upcoming gigs:
Friday March 25, JC Pardoes in Hoogwoud (the Netherlands) at 08:30 pm
Saturday April 30, Cruise Inn in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) at 16:00 pm
Saturday August 20, Rockin’ at the drive inn barn in Oosteeklo (Belgium).
Watch out for them, Buzz is back!

More info:

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