Punk vs. Rockabilly!!!!

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hope the internet is strong to contain a fight to the finish! What fight you might ask? PUNK VS. ROCKABILLY! Below we have one punk rocker, one greaser, and the madman behind the musical battle. Let’s piece it all together before it breaks the web in half!!

Frank, tell me which band you play in and what you play in it?

FC:I sing, grunt, and occasionally wear silly hats for The Millipede.

Is it on the punk or rockabilly side?

FC:I wouldn’t say we’re strictly speaking a punk band, but our drummer does have a bitchin mohawk, and we do cover a Misfits song, although we rewrote the lyrics to be about the Smurfs. Also, none of us owns a switchblade comb or an 8 ball gear shifter, so we will be representing the punk side in this here genre smack down.

Describe your band’s sound for us?

FC:Take 2 parts punk rock, 1 part metal, a lock of Gene Roddenberry’s hair, and a dash of goat’s blood and boil it in a witch’s cauldron. Or, nerd rock with balls, if you’re into the whole brevity thing.

How do you feel about being involved in this event?

FC:If Conan The Barbarian taught me anything, it’s that what’s best in life is to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the women. At the prospect of defeating an entire genre of music, we in The Millipede are giddy with anticipation. And a little gassy.

Which genre do you love the most?

FC:Metal. And Peruvian throat singing. But mostly metal.

Is there a real feud here or is it just for fun?

FC:Of course it’s all just for fun. The brass knuckles I’ve welded onto my microphone and the actual axe in Jack’s guitar case are just a funny, funny joke. We certainly have no plans to shave anyone’s pompadour or to fill anyone’s upright bass with venomous snakes.

How does it feel for all of you to be involved in the insanity of south by/south west?

FC:Oh, is this part of a festival of some sort? I hadn’t heard anything.

Joe, tell me the name of your band and what you play in it?

JD:I play stand up bass fiddle in a little band called DEADTOWN from austin, tx…and I reckon for these circumstances, I’ll be reppin’ the rockabilly side of things

Describe your band’s sound for us?

JD:Our sound, I feel, is kind of ever evolving…it started as a pretty bare bones “blues-a-billy” band, but has since drifted into a more saucy, western feel, with the addition of the pedal steel; but It seems to be loyal to a fairly punk rock mentality in nature, as I’m sure most rockabilly bands would agree.

How do t you feel about being involved in this event?

JD: we’re very happy, as always, to work with Drew Edwards…we’ve been a part of a number of his early “HALLOWEENMAN PRESENTS” productions, and it seems to get better each time, and always feels like a family affair, even if its your first time out…we’re equally excited to share the stage with our good friends and peers, the intoxicating “danger*cakes”, as well as turbo 350, both of whom we are big fans of ourselves.

Drew, you’re mostly known as a writer. But lately you’re racking up a lot of credits as a rock promoter. What led to this?

DE:As you know, I did a 10th anniversary show here in Austin back in October. It went over really well. Then low and behold, people started asking me to get them gigs. I resisted the idea at first. I don’t consider myself a booking agent. I’m a storyteller at best. And in this regards, I consider myself a showman. I try to turn each show into a cool little event. I hang them on a gimmick or theme of some kind. I’ve done pin-up contests, twist contests, hillbilly costume parties, and other things of that nature. I don’t know if it’s art, but it is something I enjoy greatly.

How many “Halloween Man” shows do you plan on doing?

DE:Not really sure. As long as I can keep dreaming up concepts, the sky is the limit really.

How does it relate to the comic?

DE:I try to keep the characters some what present on most of the “gig art.” It’s a form of underground marketing to me. People around town see these characters. They’ll connect the dots later on and possibly check out the comic book. I’ve always felt like the comic has a real DIY, rock-art kind of feel. Now it’s becoming the real thing. It has me struck how most comic books go in directions of say, cartoons, movies, toys, or video games. I may be wrong, but I think my comic becoming a series of rock shows is somewhat unique. It’s at least rare. It does leave me wondering where this will lead.

Why “Punk vs. Rockabilly?”

DE:Well the title got your attention didn’t it? If nothing else, that’s a good enough reason. Besides that, they are the two most basic, true forms of rock ‘n’ roll in my opinion. They both have a really cool aesthetic as well as massive followings worldwide. So in the proud tradition of Godzilla vs. King Kong, it is clear they must fight to the death.

Which genre do you love the most?

DE:That’s a tough one for me. I grew up on ‘50’s and ‘60’s Rock ‘N’ Roll and I love classic country. That era certainly holds a lot of sway in my household. I certainly dress more “Rockabilly.” However, I’m an old straight edge kid from way back. When I was a teenager, I was a punk rocker through and through. I’ll have to give a cop out answer. I just love Rock ‘N’ Roll. Punk and Rockabilly are just two sides of the same record to me.

It doesn’t seem like any of the bands are “pure” rockabilly or “pure” punk. Does that water down the battle somewhat?

FC:I don’t think so. No offense to the bands that are “purely” one thing, but I don’t know how that works itself out naturally. I listen to all kinds of stuff, from old Thrill Kill Kult to Lamb Of God to Bootsy Collins to Johnny Cash, and on and on. When I was younger, I wanted to have a pure metal band, but all of those things I listen to creep into the music I write, and it doesn’t make sense to me to push most of it aside because it doesn’t fit in the pigeon hole we’re trying to shove ourselves into. I’m sure Drew could have searched long and hard for more “pure” bands to better serve the gimmick, but isn’t it better to find 6 bands that are actually fun and interesting? After all, if you’re being an absolute purist, you’re doing something that’s been done and done and done before.

JD:I figure there’s a lot of parallels between punk and rockabilly, so in a way its like 2 interpretations of the same idea…cool thing about this show will be hearing different points of view on a “genre”…although it is a punk vs. Rockabilly show, some of the bands span from blues to bluegrass, from punk to pop, ska to thrash, western swing, jazz…there’s a lot to behold within this lineup.

DE:Well define “battle?” The real winners are music fans. Besides, nothing bores me more than purists. We’re several decades removed from the respective origins of both musical movements. So that makes us all their bastard, mutated, offspring. We might as well have a little fun with it.

Do you think Austin is ready for this much rock ‘n’ roll carnage?

FC:No, but it’s for their own good. Shhhh, don’t warn the scenesters.

DE:I think Austin NEEDS this kind of rock ‘n’ roll carnage right now. I want a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

JD:As far as austin being ready for a show like this, I reckon it needs a good hoot to kick off sxsw, and this sure oughta do it!

Frank, which rockabilly band are you most excited to see?

I’m excited to see them all……drown in pools of their own blood. Too much? Shit man, I don’t know. I’ve never been much for picking favorites. I don’t even have a favorite band or a favorite movie. I will say that I’m listening to a promotional CD for the show right now (featuring 2 songs from each band, and available Saturday at Platinum Ink and Flamingo Cantina and possibly at Dragon’s Lair for free) because it’s awesome.

Anything in closing?


FC:In all seriousness, I’ve gotten familiar with all the bands on the bill while putting together promotional materials, and it really is a great lineup. The Millipede is pleased to be a part of it, and you’ll definitely get your $5 worth. 6 bands, prizes to be won, plus you can see some Rockabilly bands play some really great tunes AND suffer a soul crushing defeat at the same time. Now that’s entertainment.

JD:As far as the “punk vs. rockabilly” feud goes, we’re a little biased, as we are also big punk rock advocates…hell, the first band I was ever in was “the choads”, so we’re pretty pumped for the punkers’ show as well…I think if anyone wins at this showdown, it will most likely be the fans

For more on this rock show down check out facebook!

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