Bluegrass Outlaw party

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A brand new stage called Heidegger in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) opened up just 2 weeks ago. I decided to check the place out during the Bluegrass Outlaw Party.

Interior was punk and rock proof, loads of concrete wooden floor panels so a blind horse could’t do any damage inside (hope that’s an English expression. If not you catch my drift). There was a good crowd for a Wednesday night  and great atmosphere and vibe. It al felt like a reunion as there where loads of familiar faces.

Fournicators was supposed to be the first band but could’t make it (wonder what they where doing).

Didn’t catch the name of their replacement but I liked ‘m good vocals and I always love a one string tub bass.

Next up where Jesus Evil Highway a band from Rotterdam playing Westernswing, Bluegrass & Outlaw-Country. Also nice band but the problem same as the first band was the sound in the hall wasn’t very good. With subtle vocal and acoustic instruments it just didn’t come across which was too bad because they deserved to be heard right.

Main act of the evening was of course Bob Wayne. Bob Wayne was a roadie of Hank Williams III.

They took a bit of time to do a decent line check which immediatly meant that the sound was so much better than with the first two acts. Crowd loved it and it really went down well. The female violin player had to be checked out up close by my good friend Eric and a lot of the other guys in the hall (and she played a mean fidlle).

Hopefully there will be an other Outlaw Party soon!

De Bluegrass outlaw party was organized by kitocartoons / Guido de Groot with Club Heidegger.

Bob Wayne's fiddle player

Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies

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