Showgirl Adventure: The Red Carpet

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When I was a little bitty girl, my mother woke me up in the middle of the night to come watch the worldwide broadcast of the wedding of Princess Diana. I will never forget the sight! The fairytale carriage, the league of red carpet she walked so regally, and most of all, the impossibly long train of her gown.  To me, it seemed to go on for miles!

In my life as a showgirl, I get up to some pretty unique adventures.  And recently, I got to live out my own Princess Diana dream, as I embodied a “living red carpet” for a giant company gala in San Antonio, Texas.  I know it sounds odd (“you mean people walked on you?”), but they didn’t walk on me, not really.  On my gown, sort of.  See, the red carpet gown is a genius invention of a company I work with called Champagne Creative Group, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They are an incredible concept costuming team.  This gown includes a swath of scarlet bridal satin which becomes the red carpet itself.

Ruby Joule

Step this way...

For this gala, my red carpet train was to be 120 feet long.  In order for the lovely crimson path to remain smooth and pristine whilst party guests are traipsing all over it, it must be taped down to the floor along both edges with the strongest double-sided tape known to man (don’t even think about using this for your pasties, girls!).

So there I was on my hands and knees in yoga pants for two and a half hours, long before the party started, inching along the edges of the red carpet, trying my hardest to maintain a straight line. No easy task with the slight hangover I had from drinking French 75s and dancing till close at Highball the night before with my Jigglewatt ladies! If you haven’t had a French 75, they’re delectable: champagne, gin and a twist of lemon. But I digress…  The carpet extended from the main entrance to the center of the ballroom where there was a little pedestal to stand on.  Just when the tape fumes had me seeing visions of more cocktails, I reached the end of the carpet and it was time to transform from grunt worker to goddess.

mmm... French 75!

I donned the red gown and a necklace worthy of a Russian princess, rolled my hair into a big curl up front and pinned a cluster of roses behind my ear.  As I was darting around in stocking feet before taking my post up on the pedestal, the servers were laying out the first courses on all the tables, in preparation for the guests’ arrival.  Suddenly I felt something clinging to the bottom of my foot.  I tried to fling it off, but it was stuck to my stocking.  I reached down to remove the mystery cling-on, and discovered a piece of thick bacon stuck there!  At exactly that moment, the Event Coordinator, Janelle,  rushed up to me to give some last minute cues.  I contemplated tossing the bacon onto the nearest plate, but instead quickly hid it behind my back.  Janelle showed me where I was to pose later when the CEO was introduced, conveniently right next to a lovely arrangement of roses.  I bet you can guess where the stray bacon ended up. 😉

At 6:30PM it was “Places everyone!”  The servers, coordinators, cute model greeters and I all got into position and the doors to the ballroom swung open.  The growing roar of the cocktail reception outside came spilling in, as tuxes and gowns sailed into the room.  As I turned slightly, admiring all of the exquisite ladies and gentlemen, I noticed to my shock that there was a live camera feed of moi on two enormous flat screens at the head of the ballroom.  In close up.  My head was about four feet high. I realized a sudden and sharp desire to scratch my nose, lick my lips, make faces and otherwise carry on.  Instead, I toughed it out- a very long, non-fidgeting 45 minutes.

Guests swirled by, some asking, “Are you really that tall?”  Standing on my pedestal, I tower just shy of 7 feet.  I answer “yes, of course!” with a sweet smile.  Some guests, as they wander closer, realize that my gown is the red carpet and leap aside as if it’s hot lava, gasping, “oh, I’m sorry for walking on your dress!”  I just giggle and reply, “I guess I’ll forgive you,” or I feign horror, exclaiming, “well, I never! The nerve!” and pat them on the shoulder.  The most perplexing question I’ve gotten is, in a conspiratorial tone, “So how LONG do you have to stand there? Isn’t that miserable?”  Well let’s see… I get to be all dressed up, in a room full of happy party guests, have a spotlight on me, pose for photos, chit-chat with new people, soak up the luxe atmosphere… and it’s my job?  I don’t really see the downside!

Till next week….

xoxoxoxoxo – Ruby Joule

Ruby Joule is a burlesque performer, go-go dancer, pin-up model and bonne vivante based in Austin, TX. She is a founding member of The Jigglewatts Burlesque and strives to seek out new adventures in Showgirlhood!

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