Shakedown combo – Burnt out hot rod car (album review)

Posted by Angel On January - 30 - 20113,432 views

So it’s about girls this time… Not very used to that. There’s something sexy about women playing hollowbody guitars or a doublebass (even only holding them and looking pretty is good enough for a good picture).. or am i the only one…

The package sent to me by Kim Goode, bassplayer and (daughter?) of Gill and Davy Lee Goode looked very well taken care of. A note with enough info on the band and of course the cd itself. is where i found out that there’s quite a few family matters concerning this band. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, i myself have a close relative that plays doublebass for me… although i must admit i never saw him wearing a pettycoat.

About the graphics on the cd cover then. Comic like graphics with scary animals and a busty vixen pinup. On the back actual fishnet stockings, leopardskin high heels… i like, like like..!

So i put the cd in to see what ‘d come up in my mediaplayer; No album art to be found on the cd, that’s a shame. Although the website only shows 3 (the family) it’s a 4 piece band, guitar, bass, drums and vocals. I take it the drummer was a sit in one that lives on the ‘less is more’ principle. Does the job. I like the bassplayer-ette, solid sound with a good click there. The young lady can hold her own, as i noticed when looking at a youtube of the band where they played without a drummer. Daddy-0 likes a clean guitarsound, so i read and that’s what can be heard all through the album.

Apart from Honey Hush, a Big Joe Turner song, none of the tracks are covers, at least, not that i know of. But then again, i’m no encyclopedia of musical history. Honey hush brings to mind Burnette of course, the guitar riff executed in style, same goes for the vocals. Just tight playing, ain’t nothing wrong there. Just very reasonable playing by all of the instrumentalists on all of the album. There’s one thing that puts me down in a big way though; The lead vocals. Sounds like Gill is always on her (vocal) bottom end and can’t take it any lower. Now that’s kinda’ normal and logical for a rockabella, but she doesn’t seem to be able to take the pitch more up, apart from very short moments. And that one thing is what brings the whole of the album down. My advice would be for the bandmembers to take turns on the leadvocals, i do think that’s possible as Kim and Davey sound like they’ve mastered their instruments more than enough. And they’ll be able to keep playing as a family!

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