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I’m having a talk with Pascal, 39 years old, living in Breda. He has been tattooing for six years now. He and his co-worker Wolf opened their own new shop on the first of june 2010. It’s called “Hotrod Tattoo” and it’s based at Bisschopsmolenstraat 114 in Etten-Leur, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.


Hotrod Tattoo

How did you start tattooing ?

My career started at the moment I walked in to a tattooshop for the first time. I was impressed by the art and the people that worked there.
So I visited the place as many as possible and got hooked on tattoo’s.
In the meanwhile the artists became my friends and I did some drawings for them. Finally they asked me to become their apprentice, there was no hesitation !!
After a few years of drawing, I was my own first customer. I made a little skull with a crown on my leg.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration by watching work/art of other artists, visiting conventions, reading books, even walking down the street. Always have my camera with me, so I can take pictures of everything. But if it’s in my head, than it comes on paper and finally on the skin.

Do you copy the design the client brings with him/her, or do you make your own version?

Mostly the client takes a design with him/her, that contains a picture of an excisting tattoo. I tell them often that I won’t copy that, and that I’m gonna change it into my design. You should respect other artists by not copying their art. So I give it a twist and make it my own.
Don’t be a copycat, be yourself !!!

Hotrod Tattoo

What kind of tattoo would you refuse ?

I would refuse to make a tattoo that refers to racism !!! We’re all here on this planet together, so make it a beautiful place. Give respect and you’ll get respect.

Who are the people you admire?

My mum and dad, they always supported me in what I did and do in my life.
And of course my son, he’s my best friend. Last but not least my co-worker Wolf, he almost died last year of a terrible disease, but he fought it and won.

Do you have a tattoo you’re proud of?

Yes, I’m very proud of my chestpiece, it’s a traditional Maori tattoo, made by Nehe, a native Maori from New Zealand. It took him about nine hours, to create it. When he finished the tattoo, he told me, “wear it with pride” and I do.

Do you have any regrets (on tattoo, or otherwise other things in life)?

Why have regrets ? We all make choices in our life, nobody knows what have happened if we made it otherwise.
Choices have made you, who you are today, so I think you can better regret the things you didn’t have done, than the ones you did.

Do you have other passions?

I love to spend time with my little boy and ride as much as I can on my custom build Harley.

Hotrod Tattoo

Do you have crazy habits you want to share with us?

Don’t know for sure if it’s crazy, but I collect sunglasses, shoes and hats, hahahahaha

Do you have a tip for the starting tattoo artist ?

Never give up !!!!!

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