Casablanca Carambol Company @ the Cruise Inn

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New Years party at one of the oldest Rock and Roll clubs in the Netherlands: The Cruise Inn. The Ceazars and Casablanca Carambol Company (CCC) provided us with smashing Rockabilly music and shows. 

Casablanca Carambol company

I like CCC’s last cd so I was curious about their live performance and about these Belgian musicians themselves. It was their first time performing at the Cruise Inn. 

They have been playing in the Netherlands before, the Rambler (Eindhoven), De Kroeg (Geldrop), Harley dag (Breda). In Belgium they played at the well known Sjock Festival. 

The band started 5 years ago. Singer/ guitarist Jan and bass player Erik were friends since they were kids and made music ever since. They met guitar player Jan (no not a typo, really 2x Jan 2x guitarplayers) and drummer Peter who also have been friends for a long time. “A double date” singer Jan, laughed. They used to rehearse at Peter’s attic, but now they rehearse at singer Jan’s parents house. How rock and roll is that?! 

Casablanca Carambol Company at the Cruise Inn

They write their own songs, singer Jan comes up with a melody, and with the rest of the boys they create composition and lyrics. Their last cd will be released on vinyl this year. Same songs but mixed in a more vintage sound. 

If you perform a lot, some things go wrong, like once, they forgot to bring Peter’s cymbals. They whole band checked, checked and double checked all their instruments before leaving, but they managed to forget the cymbals once. They borrowed a set of a local “hero” and were able to play anyway. 

Who would they like to perform with if possible?
Jan and Peter answered “Carl Perkins”. Erik would love to be on stage with Lee Rocker and Hank Williams sr. 

You’re all dressed very well. How important is your onstage appearance to you?  

Very important. We never play in jeans for instance. We used to dress in white shirts and black pants, but now we all have our own fifties style outfits. Erik often goes shopping at vintage stores. His girlfriend will start a online vintage clothes shop soon, hopefully from February 2011, called They also have their clothes made by a taylor in their hometown, De Lier.

Which nowadays artists do you like? 

Wayne the train Hancock, Jd mcperson, Luis & the Wildfires, Sin Alley, The seatsniffers, Big Sandy, the Domestic Bumblebees, Jack Rabbit Slims and older bands ofcourse Johnny Burnette, Elvis, Perkins, Jerry Lee. Sin Alley inspired them to start a band. Years ago they were rehearsing and the Seatsniffers were playing in a small venue in the neighbourhood. They decided to take a look, and when they heard the Seatsniffers sound, they decided: this is the sound we like!

How did you come up with this name?

Jan’s girlfriend wanted to travel to the US.  But Jan spent their traveling money on an acoustic guitar. He carefully showed his guitar to his girlfriend: honey, this is what I bought…
They spent the rest of the money on a trip to Casablanca. 

Carambol refers to a pool table/ Carambol table that was standing in one of their rehearsal rooms. 

So how was it for you to be playing at The Cruise Inn? 

We think it is great to play at the Cruise Inn. It is one of those places where big artists come and play and where the atmosphere is good. For us it was a big deal to perform here. The audience seemed to like us and were enthusiastic. That’s always fun. We hope, from today, we get some more attention from the Dutch programmers, so we can play more often abroad. In the Netherlands we always get a warm welcome. We don’t have much gigs in the summerseason. Maybe some festivals will notice us?

Casablanca Carambol Company with Dee Ann


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