The Detroit Rocks …are terryfied (album review)

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They call themselves The Detroit Rocks. This German band has found their so called “electrified Rockabilly Sound” based on the glory days of Garage-Rock, B-Movie Soundtracks and 50’s Rockabilly.

I got a sample of their 2010 album: The Detroit Rocks …are terryfied, which was limited only to 50 promo copies, which will be released together with 4 new tracks and a bonus track on vinyl only in Early/Mid 2011. (The name of the 2.EP is ‘The Terrified’ – the i/y-thing is a result of the terry richardson styled bookled of the full album). Their statement is, their self written songs have to kick in the first seconds of the song, or else it won’t be recorded.
I got curious and wanted to see if the first seconds really kick in with me.

And they do. The guitar has this Rockabilly sound I like! The songs have their own atmosphere, from jive and rock to a swamp Hawaii five-O style instrumental which is my favorite song of this album. Don’t expect earthmoving new songs, but they are easy to listen and dance to.

However… most German singers tend to have a slight accent and so does this leadsinger. Not very disturbing, but I want to enjoy the music without thinking about a bands origin.

So good music, but missing a little sparkle.


There are some shows planned for mid2011 with a full horn section and the rehearsals are also on-going and temporairy it looks like this will be fun!

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