Yule with Ruby Joule!

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Ruby Joule

Warm wishes from Ruby Joule!

Ahh the holidays… the sound of sleighbells, brightly colored strings of lights, wafts of the latest designer fragrance… The whole world gets dolled up in festive bling.  Here in my hometown of Austin, Texas, blankets of brown leaves, rather than snow, cover the ground.  But early winter here is one of the most glorious times, as the short days are filled with crisp breezes, brilliant sunshine, and blue skies.

For the past several years, my holidays have been marked by burlesque performances to celebrate the season.  There’s the “Snow Queen” (68 inches of fresh powder!), “The Sugar Plum Fairy,” and the traditional hula duet, “Christmas Island,” which I perform with my cohort, Coco Lectric.  But it can’t be all work and no play! No, no.  There are far too many opportunities to revel in the spirit of joy and companionship.

Coco Lectric and Ruby Joule

"Christmas Island" photo: Brian Dewey

For starters, there are the cocktails! The holidays were made for hot toddies. I love cuddling up to a handsome lad with an Irish coffee, or snuggling by the fire with a hot cocoa doused with peppermint schnapps.  If I’m feeling extra fancy, a chocolate martini made with Godiva is divine!  Let’s not forget the fashion opportunities for the season… Living here in Texas, it is a rare thing when the temperature dips below freezing, so I like to celebrate by donning full Russian Czarina garb.  I dig out my crocheted stockings, boots, velvets and cashmeres in rich jewel tones, and of course the hats and furs.  If I don’t overheat by the time I leave the house, it’s a successful night!

Ruby Joule

Once upon a time in Chicago...

On the home front, I am enlisted annually to head up the tree decorating team.  My job is to make it look like a drag queen exploded, and I have yet to let the family down!  My mantra: “Let no green be seen!” If the tree, nicknamed “Mr. Fabulous,” cannot be seen from outer space, it needs more tinsel.  I stay motivated by sipping egg nog and nibbling homemade fudge.  When it comes to Christmas morning rituals, my family orbits around breakfast.  We decided a number of years ago that we all had more than enough “stuff,” and holiday shopping is pretty much the pits. So instead of exchanging gifts, we gather for an epic breakfast feast of pancakes, mimosas and bacon, most of which gets swiped off the sideboard before it ever sees the table!  And my dear father, geeky mischief maker that he is, delights in hiding teensy plastic insects and toy spiders where the rest of us least expect to find one.  Sqealing ensues.

My goal for next year: pyrotechnics!

Then there’s New Year’s Eve… a magical precipice on which we stand in our finery, with all our hopes and anticipations for the coming months.  My resolution is the same each year, and comes the following day: “I will NEVER drink that much champagne again!”

To all of you and yours in Rockabilly-Online Land, happy holidays and warm wishes for a fabulous new year!!!

xoxoxo, Ruby Joule

Ruby Joule is a burlesque performer, go-go dancer, pin-up model and bonne vivante based in Austin, TX. She is a founding member of The Jigglewatts Burlesque and strives to seek out new adventures in Showgirlhood!

For all inquiries please contact: info@thejigglewattsburlesque.com or visit Ruby’s Home on the Web.

Ruby Joule

Happy Holidays! photo: David DeLara

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