Christmas Time @ The Rockabella

Posted by Dee-Ann On December - 23 - 20103,289 views
For my family and me it will be a very special Xmas. Our daughter Devlynn is now 3 years of age and loves everhing about Christmas. Seeing your daughter shine like a star when she sees christmas tree or little villages with al their little lights makes it more special for us to.
We allready have the most beautyfull christmas tree standing in our living room with lot’s of presents underneath.

On christmas eve we’re going to be with my family in Rotterdam, as we all are very busy we don’t see each other often. My little brother lives in Norway and will be there also! That really means a lot to me.
The 1st christmasday we’re spending time with just the 3 of us, opening presents, have a nice breakfest, enjoy having time for each other. We’ll have some friends over and a very special secret to share!
The last day we never make plans, as a lot of people want to see us we’ll just do what we feel like this day, visiting friends and family!
So for us, the 1st real christmas ever!

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