Doris Mayday under her pink X-mas tree

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Rockabilly-online has been asking around musicians, artists and models about what Christmas means to them. Today Doris Mayday shares a peek in her life around and about Christmas:

Photo by Steve el Roca

I always start my Christmas with Midight mass on Christmas Eve. I’ll even go by myself if no one will go with me ; I won’t shake that tradition!

The week prior I am always cooking , usually raviolis, manicottis, pasta fagioli, and meatballs… Can you tell where my family’s roots are from ? Haha
Decorating is my mother’s passion and it was always a chore for us kids to get our 9 foot tree up. But I have my own pink tree now that I love to put up!
I hit up the antique stores for presents for my loved ones and the weirder the better! Velvet paintings and random old movie posters and coffe table books are my favorite gifts to give.
Christmas is small for me since most of my family lives far away but I still get sentimental, but especially with New Year’s. I have never had a good New Year’s Kiss! So I always excuse myself and have a little pity party by myself… And then after everyone is done smooching , all is well 🙂
This year’s resolution is to be more organized ! I want to have blogs up, tutorials, Q & A’s for my fans.
Happy Holidays!

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