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What does Christmas do for me? That’s what Rockabilly-online’s Dee-ann asked me… Well..Not a terrible lot. Don’t get me wrong, i DO like Christmas trees..In a forrest or in somebode else’s living room. I live alone so where the tree could be standing i have my special place were i put my wood. I love wood. My maple wood, my laquered wood. My tweed covered wood. I could go on and on about my wood. How it vibrates….
Fender Vibroverb amp, Airline and Zephyr Blues Deluxe

And it does vibrate..The wood in my Gretsch does (although some say my Gretsch is made out of cardboard), especially when my doublebass Brother slaps his wood. He seems to need a large piece of wood (about 6 feet high through a 400 watt piece of wood) to get my wood to vibrate. That’s what i’d like to do on Christmas eve; Play… till the sweat runs down my crack..uhh back!

But… since my band doesn’t have gigs on Christmas eve i’ll just listen to my masters of which i’ll give you some listening tips for Christmas: Quiet and peaceful, swingin’ excellence, and total Christmas fun!

Some Chet Atkins, in some ways father of almost every guitarplayer to walk this earth since the fifties. In my humble opinion, ANY Chet song will do for christmas although he recorded a couple of very well known Christmas songs. Peacefull and beautiful, good to recover from a Christmas hangover! And why did i pick this particular Chet album cover…Don’t know, maybe because i imagined bells ringing looking at this pic…

Brian Setzer: Although some hardcore rockabillies say he turned soft since he went on his longlasting Big Band trip i think he’ll be the everlasting Rockabilly. He likes to get his swinging band to do a couple of shows around Christmas time. He’ll dress up and he’ll sure as hell will hotrod some more ancient Christmas songs. There’s dvd’s and cd’s to be found of him doing his santa-struts. New one out this year which Dee-ann will be reviewing shortly so stay tuned!

And to really stay true to the spirit i’ll listen to the Reverend preaching. Reverend Horton Heat that is. The album is ‘We three kings’ and a special listening tip is track ‘Santa looked a lot like daddy’. Oh and for surfguitar fun, you can’t miss when you put on Los Straitjackets X-mas album!

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