Red Hot and Blue Festival

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For six years now there’s been the Red Hot & Blue Rockabilly festival in Montreal (Canada).
It all started on a trip to France in 1992, when Nathalie attended a concert featuring Rock and Roll pionners such as Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bo Diddley, and other related events that she decided to organize an annual all-Rockabilly night. A happening featuring local acts. Since 1993, the Montreal public has seen, not only Canadian but also international acts. The Montreal Rockabilly Jam was born.

Having friends that shared the same passion for the 1950s, Nathalie and her buddies founded, in 1999, the Montreal Hep Cat Movement. In 2002, the Montreal Hep Cat Movement has put together their first Hot-Rod and antique car meet. The same year a new year’s eve party also took place.
The idea grew and became a four day music festival as important as its american and european counterparts. The Montreal Hep Cat Movement, in collaboration with Double Concept Productions, are proud to present, since 2005, the first Rockabilly festival in Canada; The Red Hot and Blue Rockabilly Weekend (

The weekend is: 4 days of music, 4 top DJ from Canada, the United Sates and Europe, 12 bands from all around the world, jive classes, a visual art exhibition, saturday night jive contest, a car show and the closing night (dinner and concert).
I chose a movie of the winning couple at the last contest in 2010. Watch especially the guy, he’s very lively. Nice to practice this again at home!!
If you are interested in going to Canada, the next edition of this Rockabilly festival will take place September 1-4 2011!

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