Rechords – On the wagon (Album review)

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How much more basic can a 3 piece rockabilly trio get? Just a doublebass, electric and acoustic rhythm guitar. Felix Potier is the one playing twang guitar (very well spoken there, boys!), Tyron Shaw is mr Bullfiddle and Leo Francis handles shakin’ rhythm guitar and lead vocals. Rechords is what they’ve called themselves and the album is ‘On the wagon’. The album has a total of 15 tracks covering all substyles within a basic Rockabilly format. Now this is first class Australian Rockabilly and i can imagine they’ll even get a dingo to shake it’s paws! But, is it all that basic as one thinks by looking at the album cover? Let’s find out…!

‘Hocus Pocus’ has a boogie woogie piano and some multiple backing vocals. Nicely performed, a classic like this always goes down well with rockabillies and bella’s. On a number of tracks the doublebass reminds me of Wayne Hancock’s bassplayer which is a good thing because i love tight bassplaying to get a good song going!
‘It won’t be long’ is a sad (but good) sounding ballad with a fiddle to give the song some extra weight. Good one! An up and coming western movie could do with ‘Bordertown’
Harmonica is used to get to a little something extra with a pianola kinda’ solo on ‘It’s been a while’

These Aussie boys sure do know their stuff and they’re creative enough! They’ve incorporated different instruments (and players) to spice things up, that’s a good thing for sure. Every track sounds very well balanced, nice and sparkly. However, since i’ve said that they know their stuff i very much wonder how things would sound if they had used a swinging drummer on a couple of songs. But anyway Rechords, very good effort, i sure would enjoy seeing you guys live! And as my bassfiddle brother put it to me very nicely; “If you’d said that these recordings were made in the fifties i’d have believed you!”

The rechords have got their own Myspace and there’s links to be found if you’d like to purchase ‘On the wagon’!

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