Glamrock clothing: Maximum rock and roll couture

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Patrick, Dieuwerke and Puck

The young and fast upcoming Dutch online store Glamrock clothing is everywhere I look. In magazines, on flyers, websites and on every rockabilly- or tattoo event in The Netherlands and Belgium. Marrying couples buying their wedding clothes at Glamrock clothing, people sending me their URL. Why all the fuss about this shop? What’s the secret of their success?

The owners of this webshop, Dieuwerke and Patrick, live in Rotterdam. They love good Rockabilly music and go out and see bands regularly. I had a date with them, and their sweet little doggie Puck at a diner café, the Westerpaviljoen in Rotterdam.

What’s the secret of your success?

We are getting busier every year. I am not sure why, but people tell me that we have open personalities. We always say “hi” to anyone. We listen to every story people have to tell, and they do tell a lot! We are approachable I guess. Because of that, people are always willing to do something for us. Handing out our flyers at festivals and gigs, modeling for our clothes, referring to our website, well just anything. That is so sweet.

You sell clothes made in Bali. How did you get to that?

We went on vacation to Bali regularly and we found a shop selling Rock and Roll clothes, called “Suicide Glam”. They make a collection and do not reproduce the clothes again so every item is unique. We bought it for ourselves. One year we were not able to travel to Bali so I called them and asked if they could send me a box of clothes. They asked if we would like to sell their clothes. That’s why we started in 2008, and that’s how we got our name, from Suicide Glam, to Glamrock clothing.We are the only shop in The Netherlands selling this brand.

Do you sell other brands too?

Yes, some well known brands like Stop Staring,but also Route 66. That’s an Australian brand. Also with this brand we’re the only one in The Netherlands selling it. It is a bit expensive, and we hardly make any profit out of it, but we love to sell that, because it’s very unique. Like Suicide Glam, they make a collection and do not reproduce the clothes agian. You hardly see anyone wearing the same thing.


Photo by Pascal Snijders

I see you work with upcoming professional photographers.

Yes Pascal Snijders (also from the Taildraggers) works with his wife and model Maud. The Rockabella agency has done some work for us, Jean Paul Kowitz. And we have had models like Pink Paradise and Miss Behaviour.

You’re almost at every tattoo or music event with your clothes. Do you ever think about owning a shop?

Actually no. We like our freedom, we like traveling. With a shop you always have to be there. Besides… Very Cherry has a shop here in Rotterdam already and a big name, so we don’t want to get in her way. We like to meet people. We have visiting days regularly. The regular customers get an invitation to come to our home to try and fit the clothes, because a lot of people prefer that. Sometimes people place their order and come and get it personally. We always meet nice people that way. And at the events, we don’t have to walk around to meet people, they come to us to buy our clothes but also to tell their stories. We don’t want to miss that.

You went to Viva Las Vegas this year? How was that?

It’s a whole different world. When you go to Bali, all you need is a backpack with some bikini’s, a sarong and your flipflops. But at Viva Las vegas, you need 5 pairs of shoes for every day. An afternoon outfit and an evening outfit. Backup shoes and clothes in case you see someone in the same outfit. Overdressing is not possible because everyone is over the top!

It was funny, I thought I would be save bringing my route66 clothes, because not so many people wear that brand, but then we met the Route66 model. We started talking about what Route 66 clothes we brought, and made arrangements, who was going to wear what on what day, just to make sure we wouldn’t be wearing the same clothes at the same time. It’s hilarious and strange at the same time. But that’s Viva Las Vegas.

We met Stop Staring designer Alicia Estrada. We saw models like Masumi Max, Bernie Dexter. There was a 2 hour waiting line to get yourself on a picture with Dita von Teese. I didn’t feel like waiting that long, although I loved to get my picture taken with her. She looks perfect. Not a hair jumping out of it’s place. Just perfect.

Dieuwerke of Glamrock Clothing

We did not buy any clothes there, because the prizes are also over the top! But at the mall, there’s a shop which sells Dickies clothing especially during the Viva Las Vegas festival. After the festival the shop is completely stripped. And there are two Betty Page stores in Las Vegas. Almost all the models like Doris Mayday, work there. We went to the Betty Page office and met Tatyana, the designer and owner of Betty Page clothing.

Besides selling clothes, you’re also a stewardess. Is it easy to combine those two jobs?

It usually is, but sometimes I am scheduled for a flight when we have a stand at an event. With some effort of my collegues we can switch shifts. It’s too busy to run the business on your own at an event, so I have to be there together with Patrick. But I love both my jobs.

Glamrock Clothing ship worldwide, so don’t hesitate and take a look at their unique collection:

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