Smokestack Lightnin’ – Soulbeat (cd review)

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One of my favorite cd’s is Soulbeat. It has nothing to do with soulmusic, but a lot with Country & Rock and roll.
This German band had this cd produced by Walter Broes. The leadingman of another favorite band of mine “The Seatsniffers”. You’ll hear his influence, especially on the opening song “Soulbeat” with the Bo-Didley rhythm and the Seatsniffer guitar sound which is played by Walter, as a guest musician. Not bad at all.

Bernie Batke is the one using his deep warm voice for the lead vocals. He’s also playing upright bass. I must compliment him on his great American accent.
This cd has a variety of rhythms and styles with their own ruling sound, which makes every song special and makes you wonder what’s next? Country, Blues, Country and Western, Rockabilly?

Not only did they cover a Beatles song “Run for your life” but they gave it their very own Country and Western beat. I don’t say it very often, but I think this version is better than the original. Ofcourse all the credits go to Lennon and McCartney for writing it in the first place.

“Down to your heart” was written by Bernie Batke. I wonder if he was playing his guitar on a South American beach, when he wrote this. Listening to this, really takes you there.

It takes a lot of guts to put “Ring of fire” on your cd I think. A lot of covered versions come so close to the original, it makes you sigh “Been there heard that”. But then again, Smokestack Lightning gives you a reason to listen to this version covered with their own sound. “Gentle on my mind” is sung in that same Neil Diamond voice but then in a higher speed.

“Hells Angels” is my favorite song on this cd. If I would create my own “speeding on empty highway” compilation, this song would be on it. I can play this cd everyday. It never wears out.

Hell’s Angels
Run for Your Life
Walk Away
Travellin’ Bone
Down to Your Heart
Real Gone Daddy
Ring of Fire
Gentle on My Mind
Rockabilly Blues
Don’t Think Twice
Unkown Stuntman
Call Me Shorty

Label: Witchcraft International

Smokestack Lightnin’ covered a beatles song “Run for your life”.

This is the original version:

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