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I was going through the channels of my car radio, looking for something different than the techno sounds of today. I never thought I would stumble upon a sassy little voice singing some raw rockabilly “Sneaky Freak”. On Dutch radio? I never heard the song before, but it had to be a band of this era. It was Imelda May, with her new cd “Mayhem”. The next day we bought it.

The cover is a beautiful arty drawing of Imelda’s face with her trademark curly quiff. Inside the booklet, lyrics, pictures, a very stylish design!

The first song “Pulling the rug” starts with a slapping bass. It has the same feel of her first hit “Johnny’s got a boom boom”. It’s a very good song to start this cd with. The fans will count on a sound they know of Imelda.

Then they’re up to be surprised by the more heavy song “Psycho”. I dig that tune! Let’s hear it baby! It’s not a psychobilly song, as you might think, just rocking, with a bullet harp mic effect. And a lot of chaotic echo at the end.

They know how to build the atmosphere up with “Mayhem”. It’s a song you want to turn up loud, when you’re speeding on an empty highway at night.

But then… “Kentish town Waltz”… hmmm I’m sorry Imelda… I like slow songs… I can name a few country waltzes I like, but why did you choose to write this one? I think my mom would listen to this, after she pulled out one of her Engelbert Humperdinck cd’s of the player. I think you can do better than this sweety.

I forgave her immediately when she came up with “All for you”. I can imagine this being played at a Burlesque show. It also has that Stray Cat Strut feel.

“Eternity” is sung with a second voice of Imelda. It sounds like modern country. If the Judds would cover this song I wouldn’t be surprised. I have to tell you, I’m an open minded music lover. I’m not particular about everything being roots or original nor a hard headed rockabilly freak. Oops! Coming from the founder of Rockabilly-online… sorry folks, I love a lot of music styles. And so… this modern country sounding song, I like!

“Inside out” is kinda Dixieland jazz, with trumpet, clarinet and trombone. Although I dislike Dixieland jazz it’s not too much, and it’s a good change of rhythm on the whole cd.

In “Proud and humble” she’s singing to God about her rights and wrongs in a Western rhythm. She does a sweet yodeling too.

“Sneaky Freak” I think you’re gonna love too. That’s the song that caught my attention as I told you. Love the guitar sound. Again that bullet harp mic effect on her voice.

This cd has 15 songs, so I’m gonna skip some songs, I can tell you they are very interesting too. I just wondered why they covered “Tainted Love”. It’s been covered by so many bands. And then this wonderful cd is closed by a remix of “Johnny’s got a Boom Boom”? Couldn’t they wait for a “the best of…” cd? Why immediately on the second cd?

My conclusion, a great cd. It would be perfect if they left 3 songs out. I would be happy with 12 songs too. However this cd is worth the money, so buy it!

All the songs are written by Imelda, except Eternity which is written by Darrel Higham, the guitarist, and the well know cover Tainted love, was written by Ed Cobb.

Watch the video of Mayhem:

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