Rockin´ around the jukebox part 3: wanna haves

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Crockery set

At the Rockin’ around the jukebox fair (The Netherlands) I found our friends at their stand with his vinyl records and her crockery set. You know people who collect those sets? They have 10 or 20 complete sets but only have one for daily use? Well she’s one of those people. She decided to sell this set because some plates broke and it’s not complete anymore. It’s cute though, the light grey pinstriping with pastel pink and golden detail. Something pinstriped is a vintage must have. But nah… I skipped this one. 

Another crockery set. I didn’t like the cups. In a rustic interior yes, but vintage, hmmm…? I like the plates though, all the soft pastel colors. Nah… got too many of those. 

Crockery set

Between all the nicknacks, there they were, four cute tea cups with blue, yellow, dark red stripes. One saucer missing unfortunately.

Tea cups


There are paintings with this lovely Hawaiian looking pinup. Well here is the statue version of it. 

Pinup statue

We found some Marilyn and James Dean IN the box barbie dolls. In the box is ofcourse a collectors wanna have and they will pay the price. We also found them out of the box. Much cheaper.       

Marilyn Monroe Doll

James Dean doll

To our young viewers, maybe I should explain that you can’t play cd’s on this one. ;-p 

Record player

Neither can you on this one. Look at that massive horn in blue and white.

Record player with horn

I was looking for a ’40’s black telephone. They sold all colors but black, and most of them were more like ’60’s and ’70’s. I didn’t buy anything this time. Not even the little Elvis dolls you can hang in your Christmas tree.

Next week part 4 (the last one): cars and Matchbox. 


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