Showgirl Adventure: Midsummer Night’s Bling!

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The night began with four glamorous divas schlepping suitcases and garment bags, boxes of merchandise and a portable air conditioner into the ND Venue and up a steep flight of metal stairs to the dressing room.  The room was small, but had those charming white bulbs circling the mirrors, and a door that closed!  After years dressing in spaces ranging from closets to behind bookshelves to outdoor lean-tos, this was luxurious, if a bit cozy.  It was a Tuesday night in Austin, Texas and we were all preparing to dazzle the audience with our decadence and blind them with our bling in our latest production, A Midsummer Night’s Bling.  This was to be a showcase of the most glamorous numbers in our repertoire; routines that we’ve performed at shows and festivals around the country.  At the moment though, we were just trying to make sure our pasties were on straight and we’d covered every visible inch of skin with shimmer.  It helps to have friends in this endeavor; you could say we literally have each other’s backs.

The Jigglewatts Backstage

We were excited to be sharing these acts right here in our hometown.  Coco Lectric performed a signature routine she recently did in a show with Dita Von Teese, and also at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas.

Coco Lectric

Goldie Candela and Pearl Lux brought their award-winning acts from the Texas Burlesque Festival…

Goldie Candela Pearl Lux

In my case, I was debuting a brand new number that I will soon be performing in the Queen of Burlesque night at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival.

Ruby Joule Ruby Joule Ruby Joule

Of course we also had our inimitable MC, Jade Esteban Estrada.  He is a world renowned actor, singer, comedian and master entertainer!

Jade Esteban Estrada

With this show we wanted to involve the community more than ever before, so we invited the famous, fabulous Annie Ray to come work her photobooth magic.  She’s been the highlight of all sorts of events from magazine launches to fashion shows.  She really knows how to bring out the character of her subjects!

The Jigglewatts and Bunny

The Jigglewatts with Bunny Fifi

We also had the couture burlesque stylings of Fastenating Things: one-of-a-kind pasties, mini hats and other baubles; the genius creations of Black Mariah of Dallas.

Fastenating Things

The Jigglewatts, Black Mariah

The Jigglewatts with Black Mariah

Many of our friends and fans got into the red carpet gala spirit of the evening and dressed to the nines. Miss Remi Martini of Big Star Burlesque looked stunning in her beaded empire gown.

The Jigglewatts, Remi Martini

The Jigglewatts with Remi Martini

Someone recently asked us about “turf wars” in the Austin burlesque scene.  I had to giggle; maybe it’s different in other cities, but here in Austin, it is the highest compliment for other burlesque performers to dress up fancy and come to your show.  It is a wonderful feeling to share in the mutual support of a community like this. On a smaller scale, we Jigglewatt ladies depend on each other’s support constantly; especially in a tightly scheduled show when we have no special guests.  Since there are only four of us, each dancer has to slip into very complicated costume pieces within mere minutes.  When one lady is ready, she will likely be helping others to buckle shoes, lace corsets, peel the backing off pastie tape, fasten garters, and straighten fringe.  Speaking of fringe, our latest group number involves gorgeous silver beaded glass fringe strung over brassiere tops and around very scant bottoms.  The costumes are dazzling, but they have one particular hazard none of us can seem to remember.  If you bend forward while wearing them, say to buckle your shoe, you get cold glass fringe tumbling toward “where the sun doth not shine,”  and you only realize it when you stand up and your derriere has tucked away some extra flair!  We gals are on our own when it comes to evicting such presumptuous trim.  Glass fringe wedgies aside, this routine is one of our favorites to perform, with its art deco aesthetic and electro-tango cabaret music.

The JigglewattsThe Jigglewatts

Well, now that the red carpet has been rolled up and put away, we’re busily planning our next  shindig.  Since we made it into the top 5 to open for glam rock legends KISS with Johnny Hootrock, we’re planning an all out rockabilly inspired show, with the Hootrock boys playing live in the second act.  KISS will choose their opening band from among the top 5; but win or lose, we’re going to throw a rockin’ hootenanny in honor of our supporters who voted us into the running.

The Jigglewatts, Clem Hoot

The Jigglewatts with Clem Hoot of Johnny Hootrock

Stay tuned for more Showgirl Adventures….    xoxo Ruby Joule

Ruby Joule and Goldie Candela

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