Victory roll and wrap the rat

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Next up, a few more questions on victory rolls! N. writes, “I’m writing you after discovering your articles on I was looking for resources on trying to figure out the victory roll look for myself…the bang roll is easy enough it’s the side ones that always gets me. But on top of that, my hair isnt think…more like a medium thin-ish and I was wondering; 1. is the back comb and hairspray the best way to go ….as opposed to pomade (and if so which kind would you recommend that’s accessible in like a drugstore, target, walmart, ulta or sally beauty supply). 2. should I add in clips of hair to give me more thickness to work with so they look like decent healthy rolls?
any help would be greatly appreciated ;o)

Backcombing and hairspray is generally a preferred method over pomade. Pomade tends to be too waxy and weigh hair down when you’re trying to do a bigger style, especially if you have thin hair. People with thin hair should generally never use wax-based or greasy products as they will only make your hair appear thinner and with less body. The nice thing with backcombing is if you really get it down to the base of your hair, it will actually help it appear thicker, and the hairspray will help hold it all together. I’m a big fan of the ‘freeze it’ brand hairspray as it has less water than most hairspray and really holds up well long term. You can find freeze it at most drugstores or wal-mart, and after this glowing public recommendation, I hope they send me some for free 🙂
If you’d like to add more physical hair to your roll, I’d recommend making a rat! No, not a small furry mammal, but rather a rat of fake hair (or your own from your hairbrush!) that you can pin into the barrel of your own. You want to find some fake synthetic hair; most beauty supply stores will carry it for no more than $3 a bag, and you’ll also need some simple hairnets. Start by grabbing a small section of the hair and just ball it and rub it between your hands until it starts to knot into it’s self. Keep this up and you’ll have an  amorphous blob of knotted hair, go ahead and pull and squish it until it acheives a zepelin shape. Wrap it in a hairnet to keep the flyaway’s in and maintain structure, and voila! A rat!
The above is an example of rats made from human hair. I find that creepy, but it’s a good example of the shape you’re going for.
They do also make pre-made synthetic rats that are often referred to as hair stylers and are big and cylindrical. I find these to be a little too phony looking, but if you wrap your hair right, they can be good for bigger styles.
Ok! now that you have whatever rat you’ve chosen, you can put it in! Just wrap your hair around the rat and roll it down to the base of your hair, and pin into place! Don’t be afraid to arrange the hair over it and use plenty of spray to keep everything where you want it. If you have shorter hair, you can pin the rat in place first and then just arrange the rat over it. Allright, that just about covers it, so most importantly, don’t be afraid to play with it a bit to figure out what technique works best for you! Here’s a little Vargas for inspiration!
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