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Well how about that!
This is my first article about rockabilly interior design. When I thought about writing about rockabilly interiors my first thought was: Let’s write about Mid Century Modern and al those fun houses of rockabilly’s full with tiki, kitch and 50’s design.

About Mid Century Modern, I love it , but there are already so many websites on that subject.
So I will get into the details, particular objects, furniture and that sort of things. Where to get them, the history and the fortunes you have to spend.(Why is that, I ask you?? ;))
I also like to get into the differences between European interiors and American interiors.
In the seems like you can get everything you want,  when I scroll through the websites it looks like a dream come true and here in Europe, where I live, all these fun merchandise is much scarser.
Here in the Netherlands  it’s mostly the simplistic Mid Century Modern style  from Europe and Scandinavia that’s for sale. Not bad at all. And in the US people probably would love to have simplistic  danish furniture.

Take this lamp for instance:

groen lampje (Available at  Retrostudio.)

No bad, it’s sweet, it’ s not asking too much attention. It’s like a quiet sweet litle girl.

But this set of lamps really makes my heart pound! This set keeps wandering in my head! I can’t seem to get those ladies out of my head!! Luckely, or not, they cost $999,00 (!)

Available at AtomicWarehouse.

Over the top! Hidious, yet beautifull!  I can stop think about them and just dream that one day I will win the lottery so I can adopt them.

For a more a luxury and stylish feeling, take this Majestic lamp. Divine!
Majestic lamp 1
More about Majestic lamps in next time!

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