Pinup of the week: Kitten Kaboom

Posted by Dee-Ann On October - 4 - 20103,444 views

She’s rough and tough, a mechanical hands-on gal, but in front of the camera… she’s our pinup of the week. Kitten Kaboom:



 I am Kitten Kaboom, a gearhead pinup doll from Texas. I’m a true grease monkey and I often find myself cleaning grit and grime from under my nails before getting dolled up for a shoot. Aside from modeling, I work at a shop with dirty stinky boys for a living. I’ve been wrenching on cars since before I could legally drive. And since I’m always blowing up some sort of car part, I’ve had my fair share of replacing, rebuilding, and custom fabricating. 

You might never suspect it, but I’m also a second-degree black belt in Shaolin-Do Kung Fu. I’ve been studying Kung Fu for the last ten years with a separate bunch of dirty stinky boys, and I love every aching, bruised up minute of it. So theoretically, I could rebuild your car, kick your ass if you didn’t pay up, and look good doing it. Now if I can only master doing it all in heels…. 

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